Holodomor - Death By Hunger - One Of The Worlds Worst Tragedies

It is believed that the Holodomor was a planned, man-made famine by Joseph Stalin to eliminate the Ukrainian Independence Movement...

My Old Chevy Van - I Opened The Door And Something Came Out!

This is my own experience with something that I thought may have been a portal into another spirit world. I'm not saying it is...

Fire Is Fun. Here Is Your Birthday Cake Billy - Blow!

I know this is not really the time to be making fire jokes with all the forest fires happening but who the hell was it? 

Orasyon - All Religions Are Beautiful Flowers In One Huge Over Abundant Garden

Orasyon is an old and popular belief in Asian countries, a system of magical powers, a mantra, a whispered prayer.

The Principles of Human Conduct - The Law of KARMA

It is necessary to follow certain principles of conduct in our daily lives, to know how to limit ourselves and develop some sort of self-discipline. 

Ten Things We Canadians Pretend to Like About the Rest of the World

Most Canadians think Canada is the best country in the world. Enough said. Now, what do we think of the rest of the world.

'The Lion Shall Lie Down With The Lamb' What About the Poor Pig? It's A Win, Win Situation For Muslims

One of the Bible prophecies is in Isaiah 11:6 which states that there will be a New World Order awaiting us in the near future.

If You Want To Be Admired - Act Accordingly

If you want to be admired, which most of us do then get the hell off your high horse and stop pretending to be someone you're not.

Angels Or UFOs - They Are Said To Have Totaled In The Hundreds of Thousands

When we think of angels, we think of beings that are glowing white with wings and halos floating in the sky, descending from heaven as souls, bringing goodness, protection and beneficence. 

Miracle Babies - Or A Case Of In Vitro Fertilization

For centuries it was considered a disgrace, for a woman to be barren. The Bible is full of stories of miracle births.

Airport Security - A Feat So Vast It Is Almost Impossible

All Canadian aviation security staff and frequent air travellers know, you cannot protect a major airport every moment of a day, in every location.

Just Two Little Boys Daydreaming About The Future On A Summer's Afternoon

Two boys, one ten the other nine are lying on the ground looking up at the blue sky at the huge cumulus clouds, using their hands as head rests. 

In Canada It Is Legal To End Your Own Life

You've had a serious stroke. You are in intensive care, at the hospital. You have tubes coming out of your yin yang, nose and mouth. Air is being pumped into your lungs by a machine next to the bed. You don't hear it. You don't see nothingYou are brain dead.

Gray Asexuals - They Don't Find Either Sex Attractive - Much Like Old Age

A person who is Gray Asexual will rarely find anyone male or female sexually attractive. They're just not interested and can't understand why anyone else would be either.

10% Of The Population Has Seen A UFO — Hopefully We're All Seeing The Same One

We Canadians have being seeing UFOs, spaceships and flying saucers ever since North America was discovered.

Affluence - It Makes It Easier to Live In the 'Now' Especially If You're Canadian

As Eckhart Tolle mentions in his book 'The Power of Now,' at times and to some people, the present moment seems almost unacceptable. 

Grave Robbing - An Old Business, With New Life

Didn't I see a gold wedding band and a diamond matching engagement ring on Grandma's fingers, as she lay in her open coffin, at her funeral?

There Once Was A Farmer Named Job Who Had Three Daughters

A long time ago in a land called Uz there lived a farmer named Job an upstanding and honest soul.

Erotomania - A Delusional Sense Someone Is In Love With You

Do you have a secret admirer? Have you ever thought someone had a shining for you? You don't know why, you just know they do, the person is a stranger. 

Nuclear Waste - Does Canada Have A Problem?

At the present time there are over 450 nuclear power units with an installed electric net capacity of about 392 GW worldwide with and additional 60 plants under construction.

How To Be Lucky At Snagging A Mate

If you want to know if your love is truthful, light one of his or her love letters on fire. 

Who Was The Son of Promise - Isaac or Ishmael?

We've all heard Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech "I Have a Dream," where he talks about "The Promised Land." 

When Aliens Arrive On Earth - They Just Might Be Bio-Robots?

I've often thought, why would a more advanced alien civilization want to travel all those millions and millions of miles, taking decades, even centuries travelling at warp speed, just to come to earth. 

The Phantom Lumberjack - A Ghost Story

There's a stretch of desolated highway between Trail and Grand Forks, British Columbia,

A Rat By Any Other Name Is Still A Rat - Hamsters, Mice Included

At what age does a person start calling anything that looks like a mouse, or a hamster, a rat? 

The American Dream - It's Now Easier To Obtain In Canada

The American Dream, a failed dream, that all men are created equal, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, blah, blah, blah...

Mighty Mouse - Coming to Earth to 'Save the Day' Why?

Before there was an Area 51, before there was such a thing as a Flying Saucer there was Mighty Mouse.

When Does Life Become Meaningless?

Lives are judged by how long or short you live, moral or immoral, successful or unsuccessful in terms of fame, creativeness, acquisitions and relationships. 

Syphlis - Considered A Sin By Early Christians

Where Syphilis originated, is anyone's guess. Some believe it is a 21,000 year old zoonosis, meaning it was transferred from animal to human.

A UFO Crashed Into The Ottawa River In Our Capital City - One Big Canadian Cover-up

A UFO was reported, to the Welland Tribune, on July 27, 2009, streaking across the sky, near our capital city of Ottawa, which eventually crashed into the Ottawa River.