Airport Security - A Feat So Vast It Is Almost Impossible

All Canadian aviation security staff and frequent air travellers know, you cannot protect a major airport every moment of a day, in every location.

Just Two Little Boys Daydreaming About The Future On A Summer's Afternoon

Two boys, one ten the other nine are lying on the ground looking up at the blue sky at the huge cumulus clouds, using their hands as head rests. 

In Canada It Is Legal To End Your Own Life

You've had a serious stroke. You are in intensive care, at the hospital. You have tubes coming out of your yin yang, nose and mouth. Air is being pumped into your lungs by a machine next to the bed. You don't hear it. You don't see nothingYou are brain dead.

Gray Asexuals - They Don't Find Either Sex Attractive - Much Like Old Age

A person who is Gray Asexual will rarely find anyone male or female sexually attractive. They're just not interested and can't understand why anyone else would be either.

10% Of The Population Has Seen A UFO — Hopefully We're All Seeing The Same One

We Canadians have being seeing UFOs, spaceships and flying saucers ever since North America was discovered.