BC Realtors Banned from Representing Both Buyer and Seller

It is now illegal for a Real Estate Agent to act on behalf of the seller and the buyer.

The problem with a dual agency is, it created the potential for abuse as in Pemberton Holmes Realty, Nancy Vieira's MLS Listing #350341 where she was representing both the buyer and the seller. Where did her loyalty lie?

Red Flag #1 Nancy Vieira Sales Rep For Pemberton Holmes Realty - Fails To Show Property to Potential Buyer

If you have bought real estate before then you know the first thing you do is call the listing agent to view the property. In this case it was Pemberton Holmes Real Estate that held Nancy Vieira's listing MLS® Num: 350431 

He called Pemberton Holmes Realty (Sooke) and talking to Nancy Vieira, the real estate agent, he tells her he would like to view the property. She told him she was not available to show it, but she tells him that he should come over to the Island and have a look for himself. She gives him directions. He 
takes the day off and goes to the Island to view it for himself and likes it.

He calls her again and wants to arrange another viewing with her but as before she says she's too busy to show it but urges him to come over to the Island again and stay the weekend, camp and enjoy the property for himself. He does and likes it.

This should have been a Red Flag that something was amiss about the property.

If you hired Pemberton Holmes, using Nancy Vieira as the realtor to sell your property, wouldn't you want her to take the time to show the property to potential buyers. What was her excuse? As I said,


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