Like a Cast of Crabs All They Want is Intimacy - July People - True Drama Queens

Lady Di was one. Robin Williams was a Cancer. 

So was Tesla and Tom Cruise. The Georges - Orwell and Michael were one. You see what type of persons we're dealing with here? Very insecure and sensitive individuals and like crabs on the ocean floor only need nutrients and other crabs to exist. They may look solitary but they need one another.

Crabs, that's what they are. They're moody souls that are hard to understand, true drama queens. They are exceptionally emotional and touchy people. They are water people and cry about anything with the least bit of provocation. 

They're so ultra-sensitive you dare not try to pull a prank or a fast one over on them or else, because they don't like it and will get even, at whatever costs. 

Corner one and they'll talk your ears off, getting right down to the nitty-gritty. They hold nothing back including the tears, all in the name of love.

Cancers are a helpless bunch who rarely if ever do things on the spur of the moment, but when they do all hell breaks loose, they're focused and determined. This month is very intense due to a solar and lunar eclipse but it doesn't scare them. 

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me."

They're like a hard boiled egg with a thick shell, unbreakable. Insults will come their way this month but they'll handle it, usually by crying. 

Cancers will be lucky at love as they always seem to be. They and their partners seem to be able to communicate, just like adults. That's all they ever wanted in the first place, and that was to be able to communicate. They feel sexy and care about who you want  to spend time with. You want to talk, talk, talk at the dismay of your lover.

Unexpected news will arise sometime this year. To some, your social life is on a whirl-wind. 

It's a major time now, to change that stagnate phase in your life and get grounded, get some sleep or pamper yourself, let bygones be bygones, free yourself from the past no matter how hard it hurts and move on.  Possibility is just around the corner. 

Remember, the sun always sets but the sun also rises giving a new beginning every morning. What an exciting month to be born into, July it's all about renewal.

Be careful though, try not to be manipulated. Jealousy will raise it's ugly head many times this year. Don't become obsessed with anything to the extremes, drama is the key word here. Try to get some help in dealing with such inconveniences like a therapist or a friend, to help you cope. Not everyone is your enemy and love is only a word.

You have no time for such fleeting moments, as with money it comes in the front door and easily exits through the back. Tighten those money strings! 

Free your mind and get intimate, at least try. There's nothing more important to life for a Crab born in July, eh? Intimacy. 

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