Mighty Mouse - Coming to Earth to 'Save the Day' Why?

Before there was an Area 51, before there was such a thing as a Flying Saucer there was Mighty Mouse.

Was the creator of the fictional superhero character Mighty Mouse, Paul Terry trying to tell children something?

Did he know something was about to happen to the world and thought he needed to teach people at an early age, putting it in cartoon form? 

Who is this alien called Mighty Mouse that lives in Mouseville? 

At first, his name was Super Mouse, then it was changed to Mighty Mouse. I remember sitting in front of the television set every Saturday morning as a kid, five, six maybe seven years of age, I can't remember it was so long ago but my favourite cartoon was about to begin.

I never really found out where Mighty Mouse came from but I do know he is not human. He has super powers, has x-ray vision, is a master of psychokinesis and can fly but looks like a rat, dressed in tights, which at first were blue in colour, which eventually shapeshifted and morphed into yellow over time, with a red cape and trunks which also morphed into opposite colours, over time. He flew through the air, his arm outstretched singing in a operatic Mario Lanza voice. 

"Here I come to save the day." 

My heart would start to pound.

It begs the question what was he saving the World from?

Well, it turns out Mighty Mouse's arch enemy is Satan, named Oil Can Harry who comes to Earth with an army of cats sitting in flying saucers. 

If you read between the lines, Mighty Mouse came to Earth to save humans from the Antichrist represented by cats. 

Were we brainwashed as children, by using cartoons to tell a story and preparing us for the future that the Anti Christ will be coming, and the Second Coming of Christ was just on the horizon? 

All we had to do was grow up to realize, eh? 

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