A UFO Crashed Into The Ottawa River In Our Capital City - One Big Canadian Cover-up

A UFO was reported, to the Welland Tribune, on July 27, 2009, streaking across the sky, near our capital city of Ottawa, which eventually crashed into the Ottawa River. 

Was it just a hoax, to become a Canadian conspiracy or was it a real unidentified flying object. If it were real, could it still be lying on the river floor, waiting?

Several witnesses reported seeing the object change directions several times without losing speed, then heard a thunderous explosion. To one observer it looked like the headlight of an automobile. Thinking it a private small aircraft in trouble, emergency search and rescue were called, they probed the river with specialized sonar equipment and underwater cameras.

Around 1:30 the next afternoon an object was discovered 30 feet below the surface. The current was to strong for divers. The police sent out a bulletin describing the object as a rock or sunken logs that have gotten tangled on the river bed. No video or photos were thought to have been taken of the object. The start of the cover-up and the conspiracy.

But, for many UFOlogists this was a government cover-up, arguing that the video footage that was filmed was confiscated by the Canadian government, aren't they always? The government reported no aircraft were missing, a usual response and the submersed object under the Ottawa River was dismissed as a natural phenomenon of rock debris, typical government answers. 

Some people believe the United States, CIA were involved, and after the object under the water was detected, stopped all further research into the case. Why? More fuel for the conspiracy.

The governments position; They blamed it on children setting off fireworks. So, typical. To them there was no convincing evidence that a UFO crashed into the Ottawa River on July 27th. 

To date, the object has never been recovered that we know of, no one is saying. It may or may not still be there. This is truly, what some people would call a government cover-up of an Unidentified Flying Object

Did this UFO crash into the Ottawa River or did it just splash into the water and hide, as some witnesses believe? Which raises the question, Is it still there and what is it doing down there, eh?

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