Affluence - It Makes It Easier to Live In the 'Now' Especially If You're Canadian

As Eckhart Tolle mentions in his book 'The Power of Now,' at times and to some people, the present moment seems almost unacceptable. 

Life couldn't be that cruel, so unpleasant you'd rather be dead or just plain awful and distasteful that it makes you want to vomit. 

You know what I'm talking about, life's realities; the past, full of regrets and the fear of the future.

We label everything that's happened and store it in our minds, putting names on; what will be. We judge and judge, creating pain and unhappiness for ourselves and others trying to change things that can't be changed.

Eckhart suggests we call a spade a spade and I quote "It is what it is" and accept whatever it is then act upon it with whatever the present  (the now) contains, to make it your friend instead of an enemy. 

Apparently, when we come to this realization to live in the present, there's going to be this big transformation in your life. You find inner peace.

I live in the now. I stop and smell the roses. I take nothing for granted. I take notes but most of all, I thank my lucky stars I'm a Canadian, otherwise I couldn't be in the 'Now'. I just have to put Affluence into the equation. Affluence helps you live in the 'Now.'

Eckhart doesn't mention Affluence.

I'd hate to wake up one morning and find myself in some third world country trying to feed a family of seven starving children. It would be damn hard to live in the 'Now' wouldn't you think, no job, another on the way, food on the table? You'd want to escape the 'Now,' and you might even hate it as you dream of a better future, finding it easy to regret the past and keep it in your memory, to fester and boil, eh?

Again, thank God I'm a Canadian.

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