Erotomania - A Delusional Sense Someone Is In Love With You

Do you have a secret admirer? Have you ever thought someone had a shining for you? You don't know why, you just know they do, the person is a stranger. 

What about that new girl at the office? Is she giving you the eye? That clerk at the corner store, he's always smiling at you, does he have feelings for you? 

You've just gone to a play. The star is signing autographs out in the lobby. You hand him your playbill, he signs it and passes it back to you, and winks. You have a feeling he likes you. Is this all in your imagination? Are all these people falling in love with you? You think so.

You might be under a delusion of obsessive love, it's called Erotomania. The belief that another person, usually a stranger, of higher status or a famous person is in love with him or her. The illness occurs during psychosis, in patients who suffer from schizophrenia, bipolar or delusional disorders, which make patients believe that they have secret admirers. These people think they are receiving special glances and signals, telepathically, or through the media.  

In extreme cases the patient, starts calling the person, writing letters, sending e-mails, giving gifts, even visiting the unsuspecting recipients. If the recipient denies any unwanted advances, the patient believes that person is trying to hide this secret love from the world. 

That's when it turns into Stalking. Be careful who you give personal information to on the Internet. You just might meet the next Erotomanic, eh?

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