There Once Was A Farmer Named Job Who Had Three Daughters

A long time ago in a land called Uz there lived a farmer named Job an upstanding and honest soul.

Sounds familiar doesn't it? Like a children's tale, a fantasy, akin to the Wizard of Oz.

But no, it's from the Bible starting at  Job 1:1

He was a god fearing man, a rich man, had a big farm a ranch with hundreds of animals, a leader in the community, who also had three naughty daughters.

I know you might ask, are you sure this isn't a farmer's joke. I laugh. "No, No, it's from the Bible."

He was apparently the party animal. Inviting tons of guests for sleep overs, which turned into one big orgy, all of them having a wild old time, drinking and smoking, shameless.

The Devil and God got together and started talking about Job, about how he was living his life, they judged him knowing how he would react if you stole his money. That he wasn't the righteous man you'd think. He'd probably kill you. They both agreed, so God gave Satan all of Job's worldly possessions.

Then one day, something happened on Job's farm, while the three daughters were entertaining Job's business dealings, and a party was in full swing. The devil came and took his stuff. It was recorded by messengers, that there was a huge gust of wind that day. It swept across the desert, and took everything away, killing everyone, livestock included. Everything!

Sounds like a nuclear bomb to me, doesn't it? That could explain the Sahara Desert. 

In the end Job lives, but he loses his health, which oddly sounds like radiation poisoning as recorded by messengers and his friends. He was unrecognizable to his friends, after they saw how great a suffering, Job had went through.

That's how the bible describes it, and that's how I 'see's it!'  One big nuclear explosion, eh? 

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