When It Gets A Little Too Hot - Spontaneous Human Combustion

According to Wikipedia; In 300 years there has been only 200 cases of Human Spontaneous Combustion, where people spontaneously burst into flame and die.

Human Spontaneous Combustion

Here are the common denominators among the victims:

1.  Most are chronic alcoholics. Heavy, heavy drinkers of hard liquor. Most of the examples surveyed throughout literature the doctors believed at the time, alcoholism the culprit; "Spirits burning in hell." Religion had to get involved in some way or other.

2.  Most are elderly women that just happen to be home alone at the time, in the middle of doing the household chores. Spinsters beware!

3.  Most cases are actually not Human Spontaneous Combustion at all, meaning the person was ignited by external methods. In other words set afire. Murdered! The crime scene made to look like spontaneous combustion. You can't fool the professionals, not now-a-days but you could back in the 18th & 19th centuries. Men still burn their wives today. There are cases here in Surrey, sometimes killing them with fire, using lighter fluid or gasoline as the accelerant, but that's another topic, Honour Killing, not Spontaneous Combustion even though the husband might have wished it to be. 

4.  Usually the hands and feet remain, unburnt. The reason for this is unknown except the lack of fat to burn around the ankle and wrist area, which extinguishes the flame, from within before getting to the feet and hands.

5.  Nothing seems to get burnt within the immediate surroundings of the victim, such as the rug under the victim, if found in ashes lying on the living-room floor, say. It's called the Candle Wick Effect.

6.  There is a powerful, unpleasant odour left behind in the ashes, like one big fart. 

It all boils down to drunkedness. Stop drinking, at least switch to beer, it might not be so gaseous and it just my save your life.

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