Vagina dentate - A Response For Over Castration Anxieties

It has always been known that Vaginas had teeth, even to early religions and cultures around the world.
Early Christians during medieval times believed witches grew fangs in their vaginas. It became a cautionary story made-up by worried parents to dissuade young boys from having sex before marriage, that they might get hurt, if they tried anything and also told to discourage rape and having sex with women that a man didn't know. Other religions thought it a fish deep inside the woman, that would jump out and eat you.

"You'll be castrated," mothers told their sons.

No respectable gentleman would leave his maiden alone in the castle while he went out on his religious crusades, so he invented the spiked Venetian chastity belt, truly a man-made vagina with teeth.

Well, there seems to be some truth in the statement "Vaginas have teeth," with some reported cases of men getting cut while having sex. Can you imagine the doctor examining the patient. 

"It looks like a bite mark to me," the doctor says accusing you of having fellatio performed on you.

On rare occasions there has been teeth found in a vagina. They are real teeth called Dermoid Cysts, which are formed on the outside of embryonic cells and after maturity these skin cells turn into hair, bone, teeth. They can form in any skin that folds inward but are most common in a woman's ovaries.

"Probably no male human being is spared the terrifying shock of threatened castration at the sight of the female genitals."  Sigmund Freud.

Freud is credited with coining the term "Vagina dentate" in response to his theory over castration anxieties.

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