Today Is Cinco de Mayo Day - Get Out and Celebrate

There are not that many Mexicans in Canada despite us being so near to Mexico. Maybe Canada's too cold.
There's about a hundred thousand people with Mexican ancestry that call themselves Canadians, .03 percent of our population and we only get about 4,000 immigrants from Mexico, yearly.

Mexicans in Canada celebrate Cinco de Mayo Day, March 5th as they do all over the world. A lot of us non-Mexicans always thought Cinco de Mayo Day was the day Mexico gained it's independence but no, it commemorates Mexico's big win over the French Army in the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. 

In fact, you don't have to be of Mexican ancestry to celebrate Cinco de Mayo Day in Canada because no matter who you are, the Mariachi bands will be out playing Mexican music, echoing throughout the streets. There'll be lots of dancing and singing. The icy margaritas will get blended and the tacos and enchiladas will get made and eaten. The tequila shooters get poured in rows along the bar, with all the limes (imported from Mexico), and all the donkey pinatas getting smashed by blindfolded children.

Today is Cinco de Mayo Day, so get out and enjoy, drink and be merry but be careful. Tequila really packs a punch, eh? 

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