Crystal Necklaces For Teething Babies - Could Prove Fatal

Not all Crystal Healing is safe, so be careful when using.

There is no scientific proof Crystal Healing works but it is suggested that Crystal Healing may induce the placebo effect in patients that are receiving such treatments. So, if a person claims to feel better using this type of therapy why not. But there still is no proof the crystals had anything to do with it.

Tests have been conducted were a person who believed in the power of crystals was given fake crystals and they to, seem to get miraculously healed, proving the placebo effect. 

Depending on the person being healed, some feel a warmth from the crystals, believing that to be the healing substance. 

Mothers into using crystals, use Baltic Amber crystal for teething in babies, hoping it will relieve the pain babies suffer while teething. 

There is no evidence that crystals actually make teething less painful. It all depends on a persons attitude towards them but there is evidence that wearing amber necklaces could be more dangerous than helpful, due to strangulation or chocking. There have been many documented cases.

So, I'd advise never to use Crystals near babies and never leave your baby unattended wearing a crystal necklace, it could prove fatal, eh?

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