The Stone Sentinels of Stonehenge - Megalith Rocks That Are Said To Communicate With Each Other

I've always wanted to travel abroad, go to places like Stonehenge. 

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a stone sentinel is; Stonehenge, at least that's what I think of, but that is just one of the hundreds and hundreds of stone sentinels lying around the country. I'm surprised! In fact, all over the world.

There are sentinels all over Great Britain, standing in circles with others. Standing upright and alone. Then, there are others lying horizontal over the standing ones (Heel Stones) supposedly creating portals into other dimensions.

On summer solstice June 21, people from all over the world gather at these huge stone megaliths to dazzle at the sunrise. They say it's very spiritual.

Archeologists say that they were dragged to there present locations between 3500 and 1000 BC. often many miles and astronomers agree they were used as celestial observatories.

Psychics claim the rocks have supernatural powers and that they feel different in the presence of them. 

They are said to be able to move on their own accord, floating through the air as if weight-less. People have even heard them whispering to each other. 

They're a good-luck charm if you want to get pregnant. They're able to cure the ailing and hex the wicked, for reasons unknown, only to the spirits residing within the stones. 

Maybe someday, I'll get over there to experience them myself. I just don't want to get hexed. Maybe I'll go to Easter Island instead. I wonder if those megaliths talk to one another, eh?

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