Telephone Scatophilia - The Obscene Telephone Caller

The phone rings. 
You answer. 
The man on the other end ~ a complete stranger ~ asks you, "What are you wearing?" 

"Nothing" you answer and hang up. 

You've just been a victim of a Telephone Scatophiliac, a behaviour very much related to voyeurism, compulsive masturbation and exhibitionism. The act of calling is not deviant, what is deviant is the interpersonal transgression involving a non-consenting victim. It occurs more often than we can imagine. The caller is always a man; for some reason women make poor scatophiliacs. 

There are four types of Telephone Scatophiliacs.

1. You answer the phone and the person starts talking vulgar from the moment you say hello. These calls usually come from teenagers, making a prank call. They usually end up giggling and giving themselves away. 

2. These callers use a more flattering technique often described as ingratiating seducers, saying things like they have mutual friends in common with you, or the same interests and was referred, etc, etc. until he gets you interested and want to hear more, first building repertoire then attacking, using vulgar and profane language.

3. Tricksters, men that use a ruse, pretending to be conducting a survey that sort of thing, only to gain personal information about you before making sexual suggestions. 

4.  Men that make the telephone calls to crisis centres, requesting help from a female volunteer. He goes into detail about a sexual problem he is having. But in reality is usually sitting and masturbating as they talk, unbeknown to the volunteer.    

It is believed men that preform Telephone Scatophilia have low self-esteem and have an anger towards women. It is also believed caused by brain damage, mental retardation, intoxication and psychosis.

Kurt Freund, the late Czech-Canadian Sexologist claimed behaviours such as Telephone Scatophillia was caused by "Courtship Disorders." According to him, a normal courtship comprises four phases,1. finding a partner 2. pre-tactile interactions 3. tactile interactions 4. genital union. Telephone Scatophillia arises in the second phase of the courtship disorder. 

Prof. John Money proposed a "lovemap" theory, suggesting Telephone Scatophilia occurs when an abnormal lovemap develops which interferes with the ability to participate in sexual intercourse and usually happens between the third and fourth phase of the courtship disorder.  

He also suggests and I don't want to get anyone upset but Telephone Scatopillia could be a completely normal behaviour trait in men, eh?

ref: The Psychology of Obsene Telephone Calling

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