May People - Bird Watchers, Treehuggers, Save-The-Planet Types

You've seen them, they're everywhere; bird watchers, tree-huggers, save-the-planet types. The original hippy.
Well, that's a May person. They're nice people, always smiling. Smiling at nothing. This is what I think is going on with them.

May people share the Zodiac sign of Taurus, the 1st to the 20th and Gemini, the 21st -31st. Sometimes they're a little flighty, the ball of the party but don't let those shy bright eyes and that pale skin fool you, May people are the most stubbornest people on the planet, extremists, but of course they'll deny it if you accuse them. Their motto is, "Do as thou wilt." any time they want and damn to the rest of us. Physically, they could take down a wild boar if cornered, and it's recommended not to mess with one. They're short tempered and emotionally they'll drain you.

You'll wonder in awe at how much energy and drive they possess, tip-toeing through the tulips. Balance, balance, balance, everything has to balance and be proper. So proper, to the point of being germaphobic. They make bad hoarders unless they can inventory and catalogue everything then look out, their homes could be packed to the rafters.

Some are so lucky it's uncanny. They are the marrying type so be forewarned, they'll be expecting a proposal.

They are the earthy type, in the true sense of the word. They love browns, orange and greens and they crave fame, but would settle just to be a farmer, living out in the country and are good at it. They're not afraid of a little back breaking work or to sit down for hours on end doing needle point. It doesn't matter what they do but they do it with intensity.

Death scares the hell out of them, which might make you believe they are more of the serious type. I wouldn't recommend 'punking' one, they might have the last laugh because they have their own sense of what humour is. 

Famous May Birthdays

You can rely on someone born in May, they're very loyal and will watch your back or take a fall for you. If you need help, don't worry a May person will step right up and help. More likely to be a stranger though. 

Like I said, May people are good people. We need more bird watchers, treehuggers and save-the-planet types. What kind of world would it be without them, eh?

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