The Flickering Light Bulb Phenomenon - Is Someone From The Other Side Trying To Connect With You?

We've all experienced the phenomenon of the flickering light bulb at least once in our life, haven't we, with that unexplained feeling...
someone from the other side is trying to make contact with us. Where the hair on the your nape stands on end. I know I have, eh?

How many times have you changed the same light bulb, over and over again. Always the same light bulb, were all the others stay lit. It burns out unexpectedly at the most inopportune of times and for no explainable reason. Then, as soon as you're ready to turn it off because it's working, it burns out again. 

I've heard about some light bulbs exploding for no apparent reason, or a whole house going black. I've changed a light bulb twice in the same night. I've blown a fuse and a circuit breaker but that was explained.

How about flickering? I've experienced this many times. Someone comes into a room and a light bulb starts to flicker. Or, you've fallen asleep on the couch and are awakened suddenly by the lights flickering. After you've awakened it stops. It's happened to me. 

Is someone on the other side trying to make contact with you by playing this prank? 

When you experience the flickering light and think someone dead is trying to get in contact with you, ask yourself, in your mind... 

"Who is this, please?" 

Mediums and channellers from all over the world agree, the first dead person you think of, will be the person trying to make contact, eh? 

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