Cyberstalking - From The Cyber World To the Physical World - Things Tend To Get Out Of Control

58%  of cyberstalkers are male, 32 % female, the rest are unknown or are never revealed.
Cyberstalking began, by using e-mail then progressed to forums and message boards, then moved on to chat rooms, web pages but is used less frequently, anonymity being the problem usually beginning with a personal problem then moving that problem over to the Internet.

The scary thing about cyberstalking is that things may, can and do get out of control. Sometimes it leads from the cyber world back into the physical world with all its intent danger. Cyberstalking is a prelude to a more serious situation, including physical violence. It does happen, people have been murdered after being cyberstalked, even told before hand that they were going to be killed.

One way to stay safe from cyberstalkers is to stay anonymous and not have an online, identifiable presence and to communicate with only people you trust and don't put any identifying names or facts on online profiles. How many profiles have you filled out lately. I know facebook had mine, g+had mine, yahoo and all the rest. I've changed who can see them, I would suggest changing all your profiles so no one can see them too. Don't use your real name and don't be gender specific. No one needs to know these things, especially your age, heaven forbid! From the cyber world to the physical world things tend to get out of control.

There is a big difference in exposing someone for unscrupulous business ethics and cyberstalking. In the eyes of the law you are allowed to express honestly held opinions but not if what you are saying is based on untrue claims. Rule of thumb, if it's true it's okay. Stating facts that are true on a web-site does not constitute as cyberstalking, especially if it's true.

My advice, keep your online profile private. With me, I'm Dog Brindle, at least today and I could be a male or I could be a female. That pic of me up at the top of the page wearing a touque, that may not even be me. I could be old, I could be young. I could be Chinese or live in India or live where I say, on Vancouver Island. You'll never really know. You'll just have to trust me, eh? 

WHOA has reported that most cyberstalking has been resolved by simply changing your profile so the public can't see it.

For more info: WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse) is an online organization helping to stamp out cyber abuse, eh?

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