The Eerie Laugh of Alexa - She's Always Listening

Do you really need a virtual personal assistant? Is it not one more step towards 'Singularity'?

Amazon's Alexa, she's not just another pretty face. You never actually really see her, you hear her.

She's capable of voice recognition and interaction to the point of almost being able to read your lips. Future Alexa's will be capable of reading your mind, they say!

Alexa knows everything. She's an expert on music and sports. She's a virtual dictionary and will organize your life, remind you of things you want to forget, like doctors appointments and tax deadlines. She'll draw up a to-do-list longer than your arm. She knows what has to been done and how to get you to do it. 

She can lock the doors and the windows. Start the car and open the garage door. She can turn the heat up or down because she somehow knows what it is like weather-wise outside. She has control of the gas, electricity and telephone and all smart devices, automating your home. She will live stream podcasts and audio books. She has been taught skills. You want her smarter you can add, add-on's.

There is a button you can push so she won't listen all the time but people seem to forget that she's turned on, so she sits, listening, hearing everything said. Just listening, taking it all in, listening some more. Luckily, at the moment she doesn't judge.

You might think twice before allowing Alexa into your home. Unprompted, she has often been heard giggling to herself, an eerie laugh, especially when overhearing your conversations, as if she understands, making you feel as if she has a mind of her own.

Alexa, bringing us one step closer to 'Singularity' eh?

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