Hymenoptera Training- Drug and Explosive Sniffing Attack Wasps

Wasps aren't just dumb insects, it's been proven they are quite intelligent. 

Parasitic wasps are now being trained using classical conditioning (the reward system) as sniffer dogs to detect illegal drugs and explosive materials such as TNT, Semtex, C-4, gunpowder and propellants. They can also be trained to detect human diseases like cancer through a patients breath and plant diseases, preventing (fungal) diseases in crops, and can even detect a single scent out of millions, or visit certain sites. They can smell up to 60 different odours including; methamphetamine, uranium and tuberculosis and a whole list of smells from other medical conditions. 

Where a dog takes years to scent train, a wasp takes about twenty minutes. They also can be trained to attack and sting and have been dubbed, 'Wasp Hounds'.  

Wasps, they're Canada's secret biological weapon, against the war on terror. We will soon have an armed army of billions with an endless supply. Drug smugglers and terrorists beware, eh?

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