The War That Can't Be Won - The War On Cancer

It was the President of the United States, "Trusty Dick" who began the War on Cancer.
That was back in 1971 and the war is still waging with no end in sight. We have made great strides to eradicate the disease, hoping that one day a cure will be discovered. Or, could it be that it's just a fallacy, or could it be that there never was a war to begin with? Could it be, the whole war thing declared against cancer to be just another, "I am not a crook" slogan? Perpetuated to take the public's attention off Richard Nixon and his crafty, illegal intentions.

Let's face it! Cancer is a trillion dollar industry. Between 1971 and 72, Nixon doled out hundreds of millions of dollars to the cancer industry. All the big drug companies then jumped onto the band wagon. Since then trillions have been spent, yearly and guess what? 

This war is coming right out of our (the taxpayers) pocket, besides the War on Terror, which is failing, and the War on Drugs which has failed and any other such war that is being carried out today. 

You'd think after 44 years they would have discovered something besides deadly Chemotherapy, known to be the killer, not the cure.

The War on Cancer is basically a fraud, a no-win situation, except for the big pharmaceutical companies who rake in billions of dollars every year. It's one big cash cow for them. They make sure the truth is not exposed to the public, silencing doctors who know of other alternative cures and trust me there are a lot of them, even holistic ones, but we never hear about them.

Keep shaving your heads. Keep running for the cure. Bike around the world, it won't help! The War on Cancer will never be won, it's all about economics. The more people that are left in the dark, the more cancer patients there will be and the more money the drug companies will make, keeping doctors busy and hospital beds full. 

Really then, why would they invent a cure when they can sell a countless number of drugs for the symptoms of cancer. As with any cancer organization, most of the funding donated by these drives only supports and sustains an industry deemed by scientists a failure.

Just ask your family doctor, if he would put himself or anyone in his family, through the rigours of Chemotherapy?  Listen to what he would say. I bet he wouldn't. 

The War on Cancer, a war that never happened, now, just one huge cash cow.

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