One Man's Experience With An Irresistible Sexy Blue Eyed Alien - Slime And All

Years of study and finally scientists have agreed that aliens have been abducting humans for thousands of years,
extracting semen in men, eggs and embryos in women and geared toward some sort of genetic manipulation and breeding program between humans and the Grays. We actually don't really know what Grays really are as-of-yet, whether inter-dimensional or extraterrestrial beings. If these activities are proven to be real and true could you imagine the impact it would have on human civilization?

Here is one man's sexual experience with an alien, (Antonio Villas-Boas) happening in the middle of the night on Oct 15 1957, on a farm in Brazil, near San Paulo.

He said he was awakened by a bright light, as if being on an operating table then realized he was inside a UFO. Two Grays were inspecting him as he laid somehow immobilized, naked on a table. He described them wearing tight white uniforms with a gadget attached to a belt that flashed different colours and wore translucent helmets. He could see their faces; big black eyes, small nose, high cheek bones. 

They were spreading some sort of cream, feeling something like KY lubricating gel, all over his body, then took a blood sample from his chin. The smell was overwhelming and he vomited.

The two Grays eventually, left him alone in the room, though not restrained, he could not move. A female Hybrid, beautiful in her own way, with large irresistible blue eyes, completely nude entered the room covered in the same slimy cream and climbed on top of him and had sex with him. He later claimed to have been 'uncontrollably' excited by the experience but overall repulsed.

After she had her way with him she seemed disinterested, casually dismounted and was about to leave when she stopped and pointed to her belly then to the sky. He seemed to understand what she was trying to tell him. He said he passed out then awoke again in his own bed.

Most abductees have been targeted since childhood, their genetic and reproductive material collected and harvested throughout their entire lives. Scary thought, eh?

Ref: UFOs for the 21st Century Mind

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