Necromancy - When You Need A Little Help - Conjure Up The Dead

Things not going your way, lately? You need to get revenge for injustices done to you?
You need help for any reason but just don't know how to go about getting it? You've tried everything and are about to give up? 

Sometimes a person needs a little help when say, there's a reason. So, stop right there! As a last resort, try a little black magic and conjure up a demon or two, called 'goety' or more commonly known as 'Necromancy' by professionals in which spirits of the dead are conjured up to help you see into the future and set you back on your pre-destined path in an uncontrollable unfair world. Calling upon the endless supply of supposed supernatural forces to rise and come to your aid.

It's all about getting what you want, so this is what you can do. Use an 'Ouija Board', they've been known to be very successful. Crystal balls, mirrors, incense, candles and pentagrams are also effective. Having a personal item of the person being conjured helps because it helps draw out the right spirit for the job at hand.

Recite this incantation, three times, at 20 minute intervals:

'Guardians of the underworld and spirit realm. Come hear my plea. Guide me. I welcome and encourage you. As the witching hour rings true bring your presence to me. All others who hear my call are not welcome here. Only the one who hears my plea may enter this sacred place.'

Once you've finished, stay still and wait. There are many ways you can tell if you've been heard. A candle or light may flicker, there could suddenly be strong scents of perfumes or cigarettes etc. and expect a few odd sounds and cold draughts.  

I said, as a last resort, because you can't really be sure who or what you are conjuring up. Hopefully it will be the person you want but then again it could be anyone or anything. You could be selling your soul to the devil depending on how much you believe and want your problem resolved. Tread carefully, eh?

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