Anima Mundi - The Connection Between All Things

Why would someone believe that the earth, the stars, the galaxies, space itself has one soul and that all our souls are part of one huge singular soul?

What Happens To Your Body After You Die?

Have you ever thought about what actually happens to your body after you have died?  I have.

Now, I wish I didn't know.

First, your eyes bug out then your body starts to stiffen, your muscles become rock hard.  Sounds good doesn't it?  I've always wanted to have a rock hard body. I've worked to achieve one most of my life but was never successful.

Actually it's called Rigor Mortis, and it's not exactly the same as the rock hard body that you might see at the gym. This happens because your muscles are being deprived of (ATP) adenosine triphosphate, which enable your muscles to relax...

Minutes after you have taken your last breath, yours cells stop producing ATP, so all your muscles, the ones in your face, smiling, or not, your arms bent at the wrist or the elbow, your neck twisted this way or that, they all stay in that same position of contraction or relaxation after you die and Rigor Mortis has set in, which stiffens them and they become rock hard. Of course it takes a little bit of time for all this to happen, eye lids are about the first and then other small muscles like what's in your face 2-4 hours, your abs and biceps, 4-12 hours, depending on outside influences like temperature, dampness etc. etc.

If you were murdered, forensic specialists could tell just by this feature alone, called livor mortis, whether your body had been moved after death. Amazing isn't it, something so simple, where the blood first gets rigor mortis, then if that is disturbed it turns into Livor mortis and sets again.

If you froze to death, algor mortis sets in, known as the 'Death Chill.' Your body looses about a degree and a half  every hour until you've become room temperature.

But...Moments just moments after your last breath, everyone relaxes. That might not be too pleasant either. You're soooo, relaxed you shit and piss yourself. There's no stopping the flow, but it's an easy flow, remember your muscles are dead and the ones you use today to expel waste won't be working. You'll slowly leak out all over. And depending on the position you're in, not a pretty sight, as you might imagine. It's short, only lasts until rigor mortis sets in.

Damn, if you could only hold it.

You might make strange noises. Girgling sounds, moans. Nothing coherent, it's just air being expelled from the lungs breezing over your vocal cords.

Your blood starts to pool and depending on your position Gravity takes over. Let's hope your not standing on your head at the time. It's not a pretty sight either.

All that bacteria we use in our guts to digest food, well they just love you, giving them full reign of your body. They soon spread out to all the other parts.  Your body becomes the bacteria's smorg and you start to smell. And I mean smell! You could explode from all the gases. Putrefaction takes place, inside you're one big ball of goo, slime, a mess.

They say your hair and your teeth and nails continue to grow, but that's an old wives tale.  The cuticle and your gums recede revealing more of the tooth, the nails and the hair.  They just seem as if they grow.

There's some good things that happen, it's not all doom and gloom, your wrinkles disappear, you might look years younger as you puff up. We've all heard people say as they view someone in a casket, "She's never looked better."

I tried to warn you, that you don't need to know but you just had to read further, I tried but did you listen? 

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Hugo Boss - His Dark Past Which Launched His Career

From one of my favourite designers, to the least of my favourites, Hugo Boss, the German designer. 

Hugo Boss, supplied Hitler's army with uniforms before and during the war and apparently his choices weren't that good, such as in the material used, getting too heavy when wet, too hot in the heat, and a lot of other things like being itchy. That also included SS uniforms, making millions of dollars in return, turning eight sewing machines, that were left to him after he filed for bankruptcy into a high-end fashion house, 'The House of Boss.' Thanks to his new allegiance joining the Nazi Party and seizing the opportunity!
They say when opportunity knocks it only knocks once so you better answer. He employed forced labour to make these uniforms... Prisoners of war, gays, Jews, from all over Europe.

Because of Hugo Boss's involvement in the war, that he was an activist, a supporter of the SS and the fact he made millions from the Nazi party selling uniforms to them, proving he benefited from the party he was stripped of his voting rights and his right to have a business.

Poor Hugo. He died shortly after that. The Boss family that inherited everything opened up shop again taking over the business getting their first order for a bunch of men suites.

Again, the Hugo brand took off, making other products as well; perfumes, sunglasses and watches among other things.

It proves; people do forget, and forget easily, when money is involved.

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Compare Dying Now To A Hundred Years Ago

People just don't die today like they did in yesteryear. At the turn of the 19th century people lived to a ripe old age of about 50. Wow!
Aren't we lucky to be born at this time in history, especially if we are talking about old age. Medicine is keeping us alive longer today so most of us will probably die of old age diseases.

How Did People Die a Hundred Years Ago?

The main cause of death in the early 1900's was diarrhea and other intestinal type diseases, now treated by over the counter drugs, tuberculosis (TB) next, then pneumonia, in 1918 approximately 50-130 million people died of influenza (mining techniques in those days was a major cause, today rarely does anyone die in Canada and at least in the other developed countries. They still do mind you, but not so much as before...

Then comes heart disease, kidney disease, birth defects, apoplexy or internal bleeding, unknown causes, premature births and last but not least convulsions, in that order.

Today medicine has put a stop to most of those except heart disease and kidney disease.

The main causes of Death today are in this order from worst to least; heart disease, then cancer, then lung disease, they kill more people than all the rest combined; accidents, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, kidney, and finally suicide.

Most of these diseases are Age Related diseases, meaning the longer you live, the more chances are you will die by any one of them. 

May you all live to a ripe old age. 

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Mutual Arms Destruction - Are We Safe

Have you ever wondered why Russia and the United States haven't gotten into enough conflicts to create WWIII? What keeps us safe from complete annihilation of each other bringing on the end of the world?

It's all about who's the biggest.  During the Cold War, America was the biggest and had nuclear might but now since Russia and some other countries have gotten into the race and built up their arsenal, America has lost that status as number one. Now, there's mutual arms destruction, where if one were to strike America, that would be the end of the world because America would strike back ten-fold.  The same goes with Russia, anyone hits her and we all go down.

MUTUAL ARMS DESTRUCTION or MAD happens when both sides have enough fighting nuclear might to knock out each other... 

In this case, neither country wants to start the end the world.  So, we are kept safe because both countries have enough power to annihilate each other. 

It's guaranteed that if Russia ever did attack America, America will retaliate and vice versa. Feel safe with the knowledge that America has enough nuclear power to stand-up to Russia.  If not, we would be RED or dead today.

Neither country will attack as long as they both have Mutual Arms Destruction.  

51-50 - The Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Over the police scanner a police officer cries, Man down, 51-50 need help!
What does he mean by 51-50?

51-50 is a term used by the cops to describe someone that is flipping out, that the person has gone hay-wire, is violent and crazed.

If you are ever in the situation of being called a 51-50, you are violent and a danger to yourself or others, expect to be taken to the psycho ward for an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold, at your nearest hospital for an evaluation. You'll be held for up to 72 hours for this observation, where upon completion, the psych doctors will determine if you should stay or go, sane or crazy.

Police have that power. If they think you're nuts, be prepared to be put into an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold. Once labelled, it's hard to shake.

Why - Where - How & When Will You Die - Does It Really Matter?

There's no need to ask any questions like; Why we die? Where are we going to be? And How and When will it happen? 


We all know Why we die. From dust we come, to dust we go, as the saying goes. It's inevitable so you don't have to worry about it. It is a natural occurring event for every living thing. We all know we can't live forever, even though while we were young we probably had the delusion we will. I know I did. There is only one answer. We all die eventually, it's programmed into our genetics. 


Where do you think you are going to be when you die? 

It's possible you might be outside tending the garden, in bed sound asleep or walking through the mall downtown?  The where - you will die answers - are endless.  I could go on and on. ...  In the air, flying to New York, on the ground hiking a trail, or in the water swimming the English Channel.

Does it really matter Where? Where-ever Where is, it won't matter. You'll be long gone before you realize you've even left the Earth, let alone some aisle at K-mart, jay-walking at a crosswalk, or where-ever.


The How questions are on the same line as the Where questions like; How do you think you are going to die? Might you be murdered in some dark alley by a drug induced maniac, eaten by a ferocious lion while out on a Safari, drowned drinking a glass of water, hit by a bus, flattened by a locomotive, fall off a ladder? Again endless.

Some people die alone with their bodies discovered days, even weeks after they've passed. Heck, some die alone and their bodies are never found. Some people die surrounded by loving members of their family and friends. Other's die thinking the people surrounding them are their family and friends. Others die not even recognizing friends and friends. The list of How questions are as endless as to the Where's.


There is also the When factor. When will I die? Will When be today, tomorrow, next year? When I'm 18 or When I'm 101. When?

There's no need to ask the Why, the Where, the How and the When questions, we know the answers to them already. Every person has their own Why's, their own Where's and How's and soon someday will know their own When's.

Let's hope it's far into the future. After you die, all those answers will come to light. Why you died? Where and How you died? And, When you died. It'll all be recorded. 

As you lay their dead do you think it will matter to you, why, where, how and when you died. I'm guessing it won't.

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Damned If I Do - Damned If I Don't - The Paradox Of The Century

Life is full of choices isn't it? One big dilemma after another, where all situations have options, where one choice is as good as another and where all choices have outcomes, most of which are unfavourable no matter which choice you have taken...

The City of Tecoaque - A Cannibal's Banquet - A Place Where They Ate People

Everyday something new is being dug up in Mexico. The latest find, a dig revealed the gruesome fate of at least 550 captured prisoners,  a Spanish-led caravan made up of a bunch of conquistadores and their friends...

Ripple Rock - The Dangerous Seymour Narrows - Two Underwater Mountains Get Their Tops Blown Off

There was at one time two mountain peaks beneath the surface of the water in Seymour Narrows. Near Campbell River, here on Vancouver Island. One was just 9ft, the other 21ft from the surface, in an area that was dangerous for mariners, when the tide went out, very dangerous as the water crossed its surface. Many a boat was sunk and many a sailor had lost his life, in the swirls...

'Donald Trump' - The 45th President of the United States and His New $2.00 Bill

In Trump's world they call it, the year of the underdog. How true. 

That's right, you've read right, just $17.95 for an authentic $2.00 bill. Donald Trump's the first president to ever get this done for himself, a colourized $2.00 bill with his likeness on the front, (again I reiterate in colour). Part of his ego, no doubt...

The Day Small Pox Came To Vancouver Island - The Native Indians Didn't Fair So Well

By spring of 1868 Small Pox was already spreading in San Francisco at a rapid rate. Thousands were dying.  It was only a matter of time until it hit Vancouver Island. Then, on March 18, the inevitable happened, a man was diagnosed in Victoria with Small Pox, then again on the 26th another diagnose...