Donald Trump - Keeping the Legal System Busy

Donald Trump has been sued 3,500 times

I almost fell off my chair reading that Donald Trump, has been sued over 3,500 times in the last 30 years, mostly by his business partners, people he dealt with, banks, and contractors, etc...

Argentina Ants Hit Vancouver Island - They Don't Bite - They Swarm - By The Billions and Billions, Even Trillions

These ants are not the casual ant crawling across the kitchen counter, they are Argentina Ants the most invasive of the ant species and they don't work alone, they swarm. Not by just two or three but by the billions and billions...

Vancouver Island - Where The People Are Either - Newly Wed or Nearly Dead.

Vancouver Island, home to 750,000 souls give or take a few. Quiet, slow paced, mostly ole folk.

The southern end of the Island has the most beautiful weather in Canada, it's mild. Often, called the Miami of Canada. A perfect setting for couples to come and tie the knot. That's the 'Newly Wed' part...

A Mature Teratoma - When There's Someone Else Inside Your Body Besides You

Like an evil twin growing inside it's twin, a leech, living off it's hosts body. A Mature Teratoma, is a benign or cancerous growth, a parasite that grows inside your body for years until discovered. It may never get diagnosed. If diagnosed at all, it's usually in the fourth decade...

Saturn's Hexagonal Storm - The Type Of Weather You Wouldn't Want To Be Caught In Without An Umbrella

Saturn's eternal hexagonal storm is nothing like the storms we have here on Earth. Our biggest hurricanes, our largest twisters, all the hail in the world, happening all at once, is small peas compared to Saturn's Hexagonal Storm...

Purgatory - It's Where You Go When You Die - A Catholic Waiting Platform For The Next Shuttle To Heaven

'Purgatory' that's a temporary place that you go to after you die, but only if you are a Roman Catholic. If your not Catholic, you don't get to go there, you go somewhere else, similar, it's just not called Purgatory. Purgatory is a place where you go to purge all your wrong-doings and fess-up, admitting to God that you shouldn't have had all those dirty thoughts in the first place...

The 'Cheerleader Effect' No More Selfies - Group Shots Only

Do you want to make yourself look more attractive? Then take no more 'selfies' of yourself.  Selfies make people compare you to the average, when there's nothing else to compare you with...

Left Handed People - What A Strange Lot

Did you know that about 15% of all living people on earth are left handed and women are more likely to be right-handed than men? Or, that women over 40 years of age are more than likely to produce left-handed babies,128% more? Or, that being left handed was considered many things throughout history; as a mark of the devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality and homosexuality (39%), the weaker or bad side of left handedness, traditionally known as the female side? Also that being a lefty was considered a trait for the creative and musically inclined...

The Strange Looking Arbutus Tree - Native to the Island - Scary Looking at Night - Beautiful During the Day

I've never seen an Arbutus Tree before, until I came out from Ontario, many moons ago. Talk about a weird looking tree, something right out of a horror movie if seen at night, with its twisted and knarley trunk and branches but beautiful, sometimes even magnificent depending on the tree if seen during the day...

An 'AfterLife' Or 'Eternal Oblivion' - Is It Just A Concept Or Is It Reality?

No one has ever been to the 'AfterLife' and come back to tell us what it was like. That's not one soul! Of course, there's been the occasional person that has had a near-death-experience but is that really going to the 'AfterLife' and returning, meaning letting go of that silver cord completely and drifting away then returning?

People that have had near-death-experiences never are untethered from this silver cord keeping them within reach until that person actually dies, then what happens? What happens when that life-line is broken and he is set free, and his body becomes stone cold dead? 

We might go into eternal oblivion upon death? Another concept where ones world collapses into utter nothingness.

So, it begs the question; is the 'AfterLife' just a concept or is it reality? Since no-one has lived to tell about it and has actually been there, the choice should be obvious. I'll take an 'Afterlife' even though I haven't a religious bone in my body.

I just don't want to believe that my life will come to an eternal end and that no one will ever see this face again. I'll take the high road, and go with an 'Afterlife.'

I'm just guessing of course.

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Ghosts - What Do You Have To Do To Be One?

Who gets to be ghost?

So, you want to be a ghost.

With a little research, I have discovered (that in the spiritual world) you have two bodies. You have a Gross Body, which has a name, (sthŭladēha) -Don't ask me how you pronounce it!- it's that fleshy meaty part of your body, the part that dies. The Gross Body (also known as the Casual Body) stays down here on earth with the mortals to rot. You don't take it with you, that is, wherever it is you are going...

Legends of the First Nations People of Vancouver Island Warn - The Big Waves are Going to Come.

The Huu-ay-aht, First Nations people speak of an old legend that states there was an earthquake here on Vancouver Island that devastated their community, in fact most Indian tribes up and down the west coast from Mexico to Alaska all have similar legends and tales...

'Laffing Sal' Her Days Are Numbered

If you are old enough, you might remember going to the carnival and passing the haunted house or any other scary amusement ride for that matter and coming across 'Laffing Sal' also known as 'Laughing Sal' standing sentinel out front, eyeballing everyone and laughing at anyone who dared to enter... 

The Photo That Made Vancouver Island A Hotspot For UFO Activity


Keep your eyes on the sky baby, Vancouver Island's a hotbed for UFO Activity.  All because of a single photo taken on the morning of October 8th 1981, by Mrs. Hannah McRoberts while her and her husband and daughter were out on a drive. They pulled over for a break, getting out to stretch and shake there legs before continuing on...

'Afterglow Vista' A Mausoleum - Built Out Of Love for the Family

Talk about weird places. This is weird, the McMillan mausoleum smack dab in the middle of the forest. A graveyard of sorts, located on San Juan Island in the Straits between Vancouver Island and America, in a place called Roche Harbor. The story goes; that a rich man named John McMillan built it for his family. A man with strong ideas, was a god-fearing Christian and had a devotion to his family. So, what did the guy do for his family...

Two Skulls dubbed the 'Babes in the Woods' Back in 53' Will Remain Unidentified

Over the years there have been many skulls found in Stanley Park. That's in Vancouver, British Columbia, part of the West End.  I remember hearing the story of a person who while walking on a path in the park, found a skull and brought it home to his apartment in the West End and displayed it on his living room mantle for years. No one had ever questioned him about it. No one thought it unusual at the time to have a human skull on their mantel. Dah!...

Beban House - Said To Be The Most Haunted House On The Island

It's that old rubber ball routine again. Something we are all familiar with, written into many a Hollywood horror ghost script, where a bouncing ball bounces down a staircase or rolls across the floor pushed by an invisible ghostly child. The ball is usually red and pops out seemingly from nowhere and stops in the centre of the room. Most horror flicks use this technique to grab people's attention...

The Slaughter of David Pauls and His Family - A Grizzly Crime Scene


The most gruesome crime ever documented in Canadian history, the triple murders of David Pauls, just your average guy and his family, his daughter Dorothy and his wife Helen.  It happened in Vancouver, June 10, 1958 being the most grizzliest murders ever heard of at the time, with lots of blood, guts and gore, right off a Hollywood horror movie set...

Haunted 'Craigdarroch Castle' - Just Ask Someone Who Has Visited And Taken The Tour

Craigdarroch Castle was built starting in 1887 taking three years to complete.  This wasn't just a castle over-looking the city of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, it also made a statement, telling the world that, Robert Dunsmuir had finally made it, and has become one of the wealthiest and most important persons west of the Rockies if not the whole of Canada...

The Law Concerning Any Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Is it right and legal to kill someone and eat them? A human would say no but a Zombie might say yes!  Are there any special circumstances that might make it legal, like in a life and death situation?

Two of the Most Sweetest Ghosts You'd Ever Want to Meet Canada's First Chocolatier, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and His Wife Leah

Two ghosts you wouldn't be afraid of, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and his wife Leah. Their shop is located on Government Street here in Victoria on the Island.  It's a National Historic Site, being one of Canada's oldest and most haunted chocolate shops in North America, Rogers Chocolates.

Chuck was said to have come out from Massachusetts way back in 1885 and set up shop in Victoria, here on the Island selling dry goods. As a side line he sold chocolate that he imported from San Francisco. That's when he met Leah and got married. She couldn't resist him it was said because he was so sweet.

The chocolate was a run away success. So, being the business man that Chuck was, he started making his own chocolate to sell. He became Canada's first chocolatier. Business couldn't have gotten any better.

Since they were so dedicated to the business, working twenty hour days, they often stayed in the kitchen sleeping on the floor. So dedicated that even after death their ghosts have been seen working away in the kitchen, Charles whipping up and stirring batches of chocolates while Leah would be seen handing them out to children. (I imagine ghosts also)

Children's chocolate finger prints have been discovered occasionally on mirrors above doorways, way too high for a child to reach.

Two of the most sweetest ghosts you'd ever want to meet, Charles 'Candy' Rogers and his wife Leah, in downtown Victoria, at Roger's Chocolate's on Government Street.

The Haunted 'River View' Psychiatric Hospital

The 'Riverview Psychiatric Hospital' in Coquitlam, British Columbia. A once over-crowded asylum, the dilapidated West Lawn Pavillion, closed since 1983, was a place where male patients entered and rarely if ever came back out.  The stories that it could tell, if it could.

The hospital opened its doors in 1913, to 300 of British Columbia's most insane and most dangerous men, to ease the growing number of mental patients hospitalized in New Westminister.  The female counterpart opened its doors in 1930 to BC's most disturbed women.  Conditions in both soon deteriorated. 

It's said to be haunted today, because of all the barbaric treatments and surgeries that were carried out on the inmates.  I say inmates because basically that's what it was in its heyday, a prison and that's how mental patients were treated in those days, as prisoners not as patients, compared with how mental health is treated today, you wouldn't want to go there.   Only on a ghost tour. 

I hear, that there's plans in the making for a fancy condo complex to be built on the site.  Then I hear they want to re-open it as a psychiatric hospital.  I wonder if the ghosts will stick around?