With A Weapon Like 'Barbara Eden' Islam Made Itself Known. America Didn't Realize What Hit Them!

Everyone was gathered around their console TV sets. I Dream of Genie was making it's television debut at 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 18, 1965, on NBC. The day America was seduced by an Islamic "Genie in a Bottle" a djinn. I remember it well.

Who was this young, Persian speaking, naive virgin that lived in a bottle, who granted wishes left and right. Who never knew her real age, but looked and acted as if she were still a child. 

Sometimes she was veiled, sometimes not. She has sat and laid around for 2000 years, on pillows draped in fabric. Her major charge was Captain Tony Nelson, an astronaut in the US Air Force who accidentally rubbed the bottle. 

Of all people, someone in the military and with high ranking secret knowledge. It raises questions, why was a Captain in the army chosen, why not a bricklayer in the Bronx, or a gambler in Vegas?

This child-like female genie, or djinn, wearing skimpy harem costumes and see-through veils seduces Captain Nelson, kissing him on the lips, to his surprise, after all she is still just a child in all outward appearances. 

She falls in love with him and from then on, she always refers to him as, Master! 

Doesn't this sound all too familiar? 

Not too many people paid much attention to this but she conveniently disposes of the Captain's, Commanding General's daughter, Nelson's bride to-be, in episode 6, The Yacht Murders. The Commanding General also disappeared silently and was never heard of again. What did she do to them? 

Anyway, the show lasted five long years. A long time to let America get accustomed to the Islamic way for the treatment of women, and to show Americans how their women treat Muslim men, and how men in Islam treat their families and wives, hoping the men in America would like it. 

Like it, America couldn't get enough of her. With a weapon that looked like the bomb-shell, Barbara Eden, the Islamic Extremists began to invade America. 

It was on a cold Saturday night in September of 65' when Islam made itself known. America didn't even realize what hit them! 

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