Little Green Children - They Wouldn't Eat - Who Were They?

Over the years, there have been many stories told of people that have appeared or disappeared in plain view, in sight of many witnesses. One such story comes to mind...

The Story of The Little Green Children

There are two accounts of Little Green Children that are quite similar except, they are told in different countries, England and Spain and happened 700 years apart from one another.

The first: Recorded by William of Newburgh, which left him compelled to be a believer due to the overwhelming testimonies of the witnesses.

This story dates back to the 12th Century in the county of Suffolk, England...

Farmers working in a corn field heard children crying so decided to investigate thinking something was amiss. They found two young children, 9 or 10 years of age, huddled together crying. They were green in colour and spoke a strange language. Both refused to eat. The boy died first. The girl survived learning to eat but would only eat beans. She eventually learned to speak a little English and turned a pinkish colour before she died a few years later. She related this story... 

She revealed her and her brother were from a place called St. Martinsland, a place with no sun or moon, an eternal twilight, where everything was the colour green. They had come to be in the middle of the field after entering an underground cavern. She died a few years later of an undisclosed illness.

The farmers had their own explanations; they were trapped in a local flint mine so long their skin turned pale, and just never were taught how to speak. 

Story number two comes from Spain which is eerily similar except the 700 year difference. It goes like this...

A green boy and girl with almond shaped eyes were found in a cave near Banjos, Spain in 1887. They too wouldn't eat and didn't speak the language. The boy died soon after but the girl soon learned how to eat and survived just like in the first story. Before she died, she too, told a story after learning simple Spanish about the world where she came from, a sunless place. She explained how they ended up in a cave by entering a vortex and being swept up into a wind-tunnel. 

There have been many stories of people showing up all over the world but these two stories are the only ones that contain little green children.

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Ref:  Secrets of the Unexplained - Extraordinary Events and Oddball Occurrences -by Gary L. Blackwood.

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