Who you calling old?

Don't you hate being called old?

"I'm not an old man," I cry.  "I'm a senior."

Call Foul - Natalee Dennis

Rioter Gets Slap on Her Wrist

First Aboriginal Indian Sentenced
In Stanley Cup Riots.

Ageing - Queen Beatrix


Two Queens In Conversation

Queen Beatrix, "I'm finally going to retire, Liz what do you think?"

(leaked conversation between Queen Beatix and Queen Elizabeth) 

Ageing - Driving

There goes Dad again.

Getting into the car.

When do you take the car keys away?

Ageing - The Gout

Imagine this...
The Gout 

A friend and I decide to drive down to Las Vegas, from Vancouver.  Play a little slots.
We we're excited.  Left at night.  
Crossed the border.  
Started the drive down I-5.

Ageing - Life Expectancy

Retiree dropped dead after
picking up last pay check.

              Mfg. Newsletter

How many times have you heard?

"A man works hard all his life and retires. Then...
In a year, maybe months, maybe weeks or even days, he dies."

Ageing - I've shrunk!

Do People

Shrink as They Age?

Are we becoming vertically challenged as we age.

End Aboriginal Poverty

A family in the First Nations Community of Pikangikum in
northwestern Ontario.  Overcrowding is a major problem on
many reserves.  Housing is in short supply and conditions
are substandard.              
                                                                Coleen Rajotte/CBC
Dear Canadian Taxpayer Federation,

Thank you for the email. 

I'm going to stand up and I'm going to be heard.

I'm going to sign your petition, right now!

Ageing - Me? Never

"Time went by so slow, when I was younger. 

I thought I would never get old."

"Everyone else was old. Not me!"

"What, me get old?  Never." 

Ageing - Growing Old

In an online/interview, Skype conversation, accidentally
erased.  But Fred & Mary make it perfectly clear
what they thought of ageing.
                                                       Real Old People Mag, Miami

No one wants to grow old, 

and no one wants to talk about it, either.

Why is that?

Ageing - Taboo Subject


or as we write it here in Canada

No One Wants To Talk About It


Sheppard's Pie - Poor Man's Dinner

Sheppard's Pie in a Pie Shell


Sheppard's Pie


Poor Man's Dinner

I made this for tonights dinner.

Grey Revolution - Seniors Wake Up

The Grey Revolution

Old Age Security, CPP, and Provincial Disability 

Seniors Wake Up

Gay Basher's Acquitted. Guilty as Hell

This story takes the cake, there is no justice done here:

They look so smug, don't they...
Brothers, Parmider and Ravinder Bass
leave Vancouver Povincial Court free men today. (CTV News)

Fifty Shades of Chicken


Fifty Shades  of: 

Fifty Shades of Chicken

a parody in a cookbook

FL Fowler

Seriously...I'm Kidding

 Seriously...I'm Kidding


Ellen Degeneres

New York Times Bestseller

Kayla Bourke - Animal Killer Free

23 yr old Animal Killer Kayla Bourque 

Kayla Bourke  Accused Animal Killer

Released from Prison
and soon to be on a Vancouver Street near you.

Low Down on Theresa Spence

Theresa Spence

 The Low Down on 

Theresa Spence

What's she all about...

Natives Are Getting Restless

Photo by Chris Wattie/Reuters

Aboriginal Natives Going To Far

"Idle no More"

Teresa Spence

Teresa Spence First Nation Chief

Teresa Spence

First Nation 
Attawapiskat Chief

"Idle no more"

Dirty Tactics by Enbridge

Kristen Robinson / CHEK News

The Gateway Pipeline

Pulling the Wool 

over our eyes.

New Bridge Not Safe UPDATE

Port Mann Bridge

The New

Port Mann Bridge


Second Time Something has happened.
A bad Omen...Motorists be warned

Invasive Snakehead Fish

Snakehead Fish 

Invasive Snakehead Fish

Released in BC Fresh Waters