The 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics - Smells Danger

Beautiful Sochi, Russia.  Nice weather, the warmest held for a Winter Olympics.

H1N1 and me

Here it's coming up to New Year's Eve and I'm sicker than a dog. People are coming over tonight.

Does this Explain the Mood Fluctuations During a Full Moon?

"It must be the moon," people say when things go amok! Everyone looks up to the moon, and wouldn't you know it, a full moon.

Is There Any Truth In True Ghost Stories?

A ghost story is a piece of fiction, which understandably includes a ghost or implies a ghost as a believable entity.  

Sometimes You Just Can't Avoid Christmas Depression

Let's admit it, the whole idea of Christmas can be a little daunting.

Why am I writing to Santa, I don't need anything?

Just because I'm 63 that doesn't mean I can't believe in Santa. I've written my letter for him already. I'll leave it out on Christmas Eve, with cookies and milk.

Dear Santa,

Is Giving Good For You - Christmas is a Good Time to Find Out.

You're shopping around the mall. It's crowded. People are pushing and shoving. Kids screaming, parking spots are at a premium. You have to buy a few presents for loved ones, maybe your wife, a husband, a relative, a friend, co-workers.

Islands of Civilization - The Abbey

We've all heard of, Westminster Abbey. A treasure house, of paintings, glass, textiles and other artefacts. A place for daily worship with close links to the monarchy.

A Red-Necks Cure for Throwing a Ball Like a Girl

Growing up I was always teased, even tormented that I threw a ball like a girl. Now, I find out at sixty-six that you can be cured of this dreaded disability. But therapy has to start while the poor afflicted child is still young, the younger the better, to late for me.

"Throwing Like a Girl"

Apparently, throwing a ball is a learned complex skill that is ingrained into your central nervous system and is difficult to alter after childhood, so it's important your son learns how to throw the ball the correct way, like a man.
The way it works is emulation. Monkey see, monkey do. First, make sure you, yourself throw a ball like a man, then have the child watch you throw the ball.

Children find this fascinating and want to throw it themselves. Just like you. So, make sure you throw like a man, I can't stress the importance of this point.

To amplify matters, I've heard of this trick - Get a plastic wading pool for children. Set it up so you throw into it, so it makes a loud sound as it bangs into it, it also gives you a target.

The sound gets amplified, the harder you throw it, which encourages the kid to throw it harder, associating loudness with throwing harder.

Say, you have a girl, and want her to throw a ball like a girl, get someone who does throw like a girl or yourself if you throw like a girl. Let the kid watch that person or you throw the ball, like a girl. The kid will throw just like her or you in a short time.
Throwing a ball is a learned ability. Catching a ball is a skill. Skills can be taught throughout life, abilities cannot, so start young.

The red-necks cure for throwing a ball like a girl. What's next the red-necks cure for boys who like to play with dolls. How silly.

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Allah Almighty Ordered Women to Cover-Up

Leg Crossing. There's a Man's way and a Woman's way!

I cross my legs.

I cross my legs almost every time I sit down, its second nature to me. I never realized there was really a man's way and there was really a woman's way to cross your legs.

Most men cross at the knee, or at the ankles or both, while women prefer crossing only at the knee, and letting it hang tight against the other. The leg-crossing scientists have documented it. I'm not making this up. I'm the type that twists their legs together, not once but twists it around enough to clasp my foot around in behind my calf. Like a woman, feminine looking. As a child I crossed my legs and remember my sisters, teasing me growing up. 

"You're sitting like a girl," 

They'd laugh and tell their friends, trying to embarrass me. It didn't matter, my father sat the same way too.

I didn't realize it was a fact and they were right, I did sit like a girl! Who would have known?  This was back in the 50's, we were still trying to put a man on the moon.

It just doesn't feel right, sitting with both feet planted in front of you, flat on the floor. A lot of times I'd stand up and fall over, my legs crossing so tight. My one crossed leg had gone numb and I couldn't feel it until circulation returned. 

I'm sure it's happened to you. "Your leg has fallen asleep!"

The leg-crossing scientists found out that crossing your legs slows the flow of blood circulating through your leg veins back to your heart.  When you squeeze your two legs together, it increases the pressure inside the veins towards the foot and ankle blocking its return to the heart. Clotting occurs in the vein, then you're a goner when that clot and blood is pushed and arrives back at the heart or the brain. 

Now that I'm sitting at the computer, I notice it, more and more. Yes, I still sit with my legs crossed, like a girl and a bad habit.

Dog Brindle

Cyber-Stalking, To Them You Are Just A Trophy

"Why are you cyber-stalking me?
I don't know you from Adam," 
Sally typed. 

They apparently stalk social media such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, all of them, none are immune. 

Text messaging and email from their mobile phone devices their favourite tools. They even use online dating services and discussion forums, comments or a combination of them all. 

They use the system to locate a victim.  

They watch, sometimes using the most up-to-date surveillance equipment, the best cameras and technology to emotionally harass and criminally manipulate their prey, for fear sake alone. Sometime extortion and money is involved but basically it's for the thrill of scaring you. Usually not satisfied with just you, they also target your family, friends and co-workers.

Reasons and motivations driving stalkers are limitless, most are sexual inadequacies, the need for revenge, the need to control or just plain at random, like the highway shooters, making everyone vulnerable. 

Who would want to stalk you? 

Maybe an ex-lover, ex-spouse, an old friend, a date that went sour, maybe meeting online (less than 4% of all stalking victims) so don't let that discourage you. A co-worker, your supervisor, a complete stranger you bumped into today, or someone who has been reading your blogs. Someone you've befriended on Facebook. 

You know what's so frightening? It can be anyone, random, you don't need to know the person to become a victim.

To them, you are a trophy kill. 

So, beware when surfing the world wide web. You don't know who's stalking you, until it's too late.

Dog Brindle

Crepuscule - That's When the Bogey-Man Comes Out.

My mother told me once when I was a kid...  that she didn't care for dusk, the evening on a sunny day, twilight. 

Hated when the sun sets, as your eyes dilate to accustom themselves to the diminishing light, when everything seems to slow down and shadows start to appear and grow, eventually to take over.  

It only happens in a fleeting space of time during the first part of the transition from daylight to night. A lot of us have experienced it.  It's known as Crepuscule, meaning: the period of partial darkness at the beginning or end of the day and in this case the evening.  She said the same with early mornings when the sun rises. The transition in reverse, but didn't get the strong sense of gloom as in the evening.

It's usually accompanied by the chills, a breeze of air where the hair on your arms and neck stand on end. You get a sense of something foreboding, but you can't figure out what it is.

Like a primal sense, preparing yourself for night time. Warning that there is Danger in the soon approaching darkness.  Hide, wind down, sleep, prepare!

My mother interpreted this time of day as a warning. She would always get a sense of melancholy and become sad. As a child it wasn't a good time to ask her things.

The feeling of sadness would increase the nicer the day.

She told me that's when the bogey-man came out.

Scared me shitless!  

The bogey-man!

Now, I myself don't care for that time of day, and notice the melancholy feelings I have that usually start at that time of day.  Like I said before they only last a few moments and are never lasting or serious, or threatening but whenever it happens, I always think of my mother and what she told me as a child.

"That's when the bogey-man comes out."


It's no wonder I, still look under the bed when I go to bed. I'm sixty-three.  

Dog Brindle

Anima mundi - Concept of a World Soul

Why would someone believe the earth, the stars, the galaxies, space itself has one soul, and all our souls are part of this one singular soul? That's everything; rocks, mountains, trees, animals, oceans, Mars all being one.

In Latin, the word Anima mundi, means the soul of the world, our world as a living thing, with a soul and intelligence of its own. One single visible living entity containing all other living entities on the planet, which by nature are all connected. 

Connected in the same way our soul is connected to our bodies. Plato, a student of Socrates came up with the idea and the theory and as far as the rest of the people at the time were concerned, pretty believable. Carl Jung even related Anima mundi to his Theory of Synchronicity. Two or more unrelated events happening together in a manner which seems deliberate, the outcome meaningful, all being pieces of the whole.

In Hellenistic philosophy all people are manifestations of the one universal spirit. In Hindi a Sanskrit word meaning the soul, the self is connected to all things. The force of nature, believed by Yin-Yang'ers, all interconnected.

Are we just a small part of a whole?

A cog in the wheel, a grain of sand, one of trillions that make up a beach. It's worth looking into and debating.

Dog Brindle  

Instagram Turns to Instashame in the Blink of an Eye

You've been caught by your wife, in the tub with your boyfriend who takes a picture of you both and uploads the picture to Instagram. Or...

You think you look pretty hot!

You've just got your haircut, you shaved. You've never felt so good. So you put on your best clothes and decide to  tell the world how great you are. You run into the living room with your camera, and take a few photos of yourself and you think they look great so you post them on Instagram.

Or you're a girl, you've got a new dress, your hair done. Hot Hot Hot, you think, you post a picture too.

Within minutes you're getting text messages coming out of your yin yang. From people you know.

People think your haircuts look silly, especially hers, lime green just wasn't her colour. They preferred the guy before with the beard. They call you all kinds of names, from sissy, to downright ugly. 

That's when Instagram turns to Instashame.

Remember it's only a picture. People will forget about it, if you've chosen your friends, correctly. Instagram is a tight nit family. 

Dog Brindle

13 Terms for Tweeters

What is a Tweegret you ask?  How about Tweefing?

I searched around, I asked some twits (n. people who tweet) and got the low down on the lingo tweeters are using today.

Lets start with Twitter.  A social network.  Used by Twits. People who Tweet speaking Tweekenese on Twitter.

Here is a list of 13 terms, used on Twitter

1)   Tweegret. Sending a message you regret sending. Tweet and Regret.

2)   Tweefing. When a Twit has a beef with another Tweeter. Tweet and Beef.

3)   Tweek-a-leek.  A woman who engages in sexual acts for fun. Peek and Look.

4)   Tweegomaniac.  An egomaniac on Twitter.

5)   Tweehab. Where people go addicted to Social Media.

6)   Tweegocentric. Someone who thinks there the bee's knees on Twitter.

7)   Tweedurr. A mistake in Tweeting.

8)   Tweedlezoid. The Missing Brother of Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

9)   Tweeflex. Using Twitter without thinking what you wrote it.

10) Tweejaculation. An incomplete Tweet.

11) Tweekend.  An eleven day drug binge or a 3 day video game addiction

12) Tweekee.  A nickname for a crystal meth user and Twitterer. They're always Twittering.

13) Tweedophile.  Someone who wears Tweed jackets while Twittering.

The list goes on and on, silly isn't it?

Dog Brindle

The Cold Takes It's First Victim - An Elderly Dementia Patient

"It just shouldn't happen," her daughter Sally Warren said. "How could they let this happen?"

Well, it happened...

You've done a lot of research and found that perfect old age home to put your 76 year old mom in, out of harms way. You just can't handle the work load needed to care for her anymore. She is in the last stages of dementia. She needs extended senior hospital care. She has a habit of wandering, so they requested full time surveillance. Sunrise Senior Living was selected having one of the best security systems, with full time staff and would be carefully monitored with a wrist band called a "Wander Alarm" that sets off alarms, if she did decide to walk out the door. She had been there since August.

On Saturday, in light clothing, Joan Warren, without the "Wander Alarm" on her wrist  did just that, and we all know how terribly cold it has been here in Vancouver the last couple of days. Well below freezing. She walked past the front desk and out the front doors, no alarms were set off. She was found today frozen to death, near Lynn Canyon by a hiker.

An internal investigation is going to be done to find out how come she didn't have her bracelet on and why didn't any staff notice her walking out the door.

Who is responsible?

Dog Brindle