Mad City Chickens - Backyard Chicken Coups - Let the Registration Begin

Thanks to a South Surrey resident, Kate McMaster and after a long battle with the city of Surrey, residents are now allowed to raise their own chickens. 

Apology - Jon Pineda

Apology written by Jon Pineda

Let me start off by saying I love the structure of this novel.  Short little spurts of information, in neat little paragraphs, in eight neat chapters.  

The road of life! "You won't be needing these things, after all, not to worry."

The road of life! You've finally made it. You just retired and now looking forward to the golden years of your life. 

Eat Less, Live Longer

There was a study done using rhesus monkeys. It suggested one good way to live to a healthy ripe old age was to...  

Someone posed the question... What Things do the Elderly Buy?

Retailers will have to up their game to to win sales from the over-55s. 
Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian

Five years ago ...

Someone with the handle Tough Love Ranger posed a question to seniors.

The Development - John Barth - Book Review


What a nightmare.

The Development is collection of short stories about a certain gated housing community on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Chesepeak Bay. Called Heron Bay Estates.

Protect yourself when talking in Public - Mobile Hand Held Device Theft on the Increase

Protect your Cell Phone from theft

Hang on to your cell phones, I-pads, Kindles, Blackberries, anything that's hand held. There's been a rash of thefts lately.  

Norman Cousins - Laughter the Best Medicine

"Optimism doesn't wait on facts. It deals with prospects, pessimism is a waste of time.

Stories of self healing "Mind over Matter," are an inspiration to all of us.

Burning the Candle at Both Ends. Ouch!

No one can be more guiltier than me with this idiom... Burning the candle at both ends. 

It means you are living too fast, at a hectic pace, trying to play a balancing act, between work and play.

"Counting Sheep" an Idiom, Does it Work?

Do you know what I'm talking about?

"Counting Sheep."

Writing to Change the World by Mary Pipher

Does your writing stir emotion? 

Are you a tree hugger? Or worried about the earth, the air, the water? 

Yikes! A Clown Stalking the Town of Northampton, England. Scary!

I'm 63 years old. My worst nightmare as a kid was a clown hiding under my bed. 

I Burn Toast, My Smoke Alarm Goes Off. Constantly!

Think, think, think...

The other night two people died in this house-fire here in Surrey. An older couple, he 75, she 77. They lived in the house for the last 24 years.

CIBC False Misleading Racist Advertizing

I just happened to pick up a free copy of Canadian Immigrant. The British Columbia Edition. A magazine geared to the immigrant population. A new generation of nation builders. 

Officer! Officer! Arrest that Old Man for Driving his Wheelchair Without a Licence.

You don't need a driver's licence to drive a motorized wheelchair in British Columbia.  Vehicle registration, licence plates and insurance are not required.  You can drive them on sidewalks or on the road following the same laws as pedestrians.

Developing Compelling Characters - Characterization...

Have you given the characters in your story enough thought?  

Are they believable?

Oldies but Goodies? What makes a song an oldie?

You're in your car driving down the street...

The D.J. on the radio has just announced he is going to play "A Blast from the past," something from the stations, "Oldies but Goodies" shelf and take you down memory lane. You reach over and turn up the volume. 

Old people, Cruising the Internet and Paying for Sex.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not judging. But let's face it...

Xenophobia, Quebec and the Fear of People From Other Countries

Quebec has finally taken a stand against it's Islamic and Muslim communities.  This debate has been going on for years in Europe with little success.

Remove the burqa and the niqab (veil)  

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson A Book Review

A semi-autobiography.

The story of a girl's coming out.

A truly believable story. Jeanette a little girl, is adopted by a Penecostal Family and has a strict moral upbringing, under the guidance of her new mother. 

Fear of Old People - Gerontophobia

This old guy approaches a bus stop.

A teenager and a young woman are already sitting on the bench waiting for the bus to arrive.  As he nears, they both get up and let him have the bench. He was so thankful.

Should he have been?

David Garber - Author of Hollywood Huckster

I'd like to introduce another published author and a valued member to our community, "The Ageing Game." 

David Garber

A Description of an Exclamation. Lights, Camera, Action!

Someone asked me; what is an Exclamation?

I thought about it. An exclamation, usually one word or a short phrase.

A Noun - Something so simple yet so confusing...

I'm being careful here.  I don't want any English majors, getting in a huff!  Chewing me out, like they did when I was talking about adjectives and adverbs

The Devil Has Arrived... Is the Middle East the battle ground between good and evil before Judgment Day

The New Face of Evil  Bashar al-Assad

Sir Winston Churchill, once said. "Fanatics are people who won't change their minds and can't change the subject."

Recreational Property is for Greedy, Selfish, Hedonistic, People!

What I needed to do was shut my mouth! They didn't have to know the truth...

Over-Using Adjectives and Adverbs in Your Writing - You don't need them!

A lot of writers think they can tell a good story if they describe the plot, the characters and/or the scene in minute detail,

An Assessment Report on the Patient: Ms. Canada

The Patient:
Ms. Canada

Address of Patient:  Earth, Northern Hemisphere. The northern part of North America between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

#295 on my bucket list of things to see. A UFO!

A long list.

Item #295 on my bucket list of things to see:

I want to see a UFO, like this one...

September 3, 1965.  Exeter, New Hamphsire.  2 a.m.

50 Plump Dogs, Abandoned During a Thunder Storm...Were they destined for the crock pot?

"I've been saved!" PeeWee barked.

The other night, Aug 30/13... 50 small dogs were crammed into 20 small metal cages.