The Rotary Telephone - Weapon of Choice

How many of you remember using a rotary telephone?  One of those big heavy black ones.  

Nurse Jamie Irons Out Wrinkles in Old Scrotums

This is Nurse Jamie.  She's a skin care expert and aesthetician.  A good friend of Dr. Drew.

Only in Hollywood!

The Blue Zone

A longevity, concept. "THE BLUE ZONE" an area of the world where people live to be old and healthy. 

Seniors - Protect Yourselves

This is great news... 

Older people are less often the victims of crime than young people.  

Things get better with age...

Lets start off with all the food that gets better with age.   Don't tell Grandma that her casserole and her lasagna tastes better the next day.

The Way of the Dog

After reading, "Glass" I anticipated the day when I would find another novel written by Sam Savage. Then the other day, there it was, on the "Books We Liked Shelf" at the library. Where I found "Glass" 

Pot Smoking Rastafarian's

A Rastafarian, practising his religion, smoking pot

One of the three persons filing a lawsuit against the Canadian government is a Rastafarian (Simone Topey) and feels she is being kept from gaining Canadian citizenship because she won't swear allegiance to an off-shore Queen.

Left Handed People

Did you know that about 15% of all living people on earth are left handed and women are more likely to be right-handed than men.

Improper Shoes, the Cause of Most Falls

The feet scientists have discovered... most falls happening to older people are due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Shoes that were selected for protection from falling in the first place.

Shoes the cause of most falls.

You'd think it would be high heels but in a study, 70% of older people who fell, were wearing runners, oxfords and loafers. Shoes considered sturdy and safe. It surprised the scientists, that shoes were the cause of most of the falls. The scientists concluded, many of the falls could have been prevented simply by changing one's shoes.

I wear running shoes most of the time. The same ones, I've been wearing for the last couple of years. Barely, a sole. Broken laces. The white not white anymore. An accident waiting to happen.

Here are some hints that your shoes may not be the right ones for you.

  • Avoid wearing shoes and slippers that are loose or ill-fitting
  • Never wear shoes with slippery or worn out soles
  • Avoid shoes with smooth leather and plastic soles
  • When walking on carpets, avoid shoes with heavy rubber lugs that can get caught 
  • The rubber tip on the toes of some running shoes get caught on rugs
  • Too much cushioning can feel like you are walking on air, but can make you unstable and should be avoided.
  • Shoes that tie are adjustable and safer than slip-ons  

Not one of the scientists doing the study suggested that old people should watch where their walking. That might help prevent a few falls.

The Sensible Policing Act

Decriminalize possession of Cannabis For A Safer Province

A message from Sensible ✔

Someone's got to speak up!

Islam Recruiting the Infidels - The Muslim Woman

I was surprised today, 
getting off the Skytrain at the Broadway and Commercial Station. I'm walking down Commercial Drive, minding my own business. Leisurely window shopping, on my way to an appointment. I'm walking casually along when I pass this Middle Eastern Shop. A dry goods type of store. 

In front of the shop was a table. A young middle eastern man was standing behind it and asked as I passed, if I'd be interested. He stretched out his arm and handed me this book, encouraging me to take it! A folded pamphlet was inserted. The title of the pamphlet: Discover Islam, The Muslim Woman.

The Key to Understanding ISLAM

I said, "No" at first, then turned around for some reason said, "I change my mind, sure I'll take one."  

I'm genuinely interested in what it had to sayDo to the recent Pressure Cooker bombing threats happening on Victoria Day in Victoria, on the Island. And, the conversion of the two suspects, John Stewart Nuttall and Amanda Marie Korody of Surrey, to the Islamic Religion.

I thumbed through it. The pamphlet first: 

Discover Islam, The Muslim Woman

In short the Qur'an, states what the status of a woman will be in society. It says, "We encourage woman to use their minds, for the public good, as activists, artists, entrepreneurs, so on and so on..."  

It mentions two successful women. In all of history they pick Aishah a wise old teacher and philosopher, wife of the Prophet Muhammad and Zubaydah, a famous sewer system builder for the pilgrims. Pilgrims??? I know. A long time ago.

What it does say is this: Husbands and wives must live together in peace. Obey! and become one. 

I thought about that for two seconds. The only way that could work is, if the woman takes the subordinate role. I don't think women want to be superior but I sure do think they want to be considered equal. 

It also states, women should be thankful that man lets his wife mingle with other women. 

What kind of crap is that! I wonder if he passes these pamphlets out to women, or is it, just to men. 

Anti-gay rhetoric, between a man and woman, there can be no coercion! We know their attitude towards Gays that's no secret. 

Here is a list of the topics covered:

  • Abortion, pregnancy. The rules pertaining to when you were a little squirt even before meeting the egg.  
  • The first woman according to the Qur'an. They're talking Eve?
  • Does Islam want women to be Public and Political. What do you think? Maybe a fundraiser or equivalent.
  • Are women and men equal. Obviously not by the number of Honour Killings 
  • Marriage, Wives and Husbands. Back to obeying, and servitude.
  • Creation of woman as a mate. To please man again.
  • Taking care of parents. The only good idea. 
  • Motherhood, Stay home, cook, clean make babies.
  • Women's Dress and Modesty. Hide! Be ashamed.
  • What do Muslims think of Mary & Jesus.  
  • How does Islam protect women from violence. It doesn't say. I've read it twice to make sure. Only if they give themselves completely to God. How is that going to help a young girl being raped, by her father?  Tell me?

A Quote by Prophet Muhammad taken from the pamphlet

The Prophet Muhammad said: Treat women well and be kind to them; they are your helpers.

What does that mean?

Islamic Propaganda, I thought!

Now the small book...

The Key To Understanding ISLAM

Written by Dr. Abdul-Rahman AlSheha
Fifth edition

To be given out free of charge. The complete book can be read on the internet What???? Free! A book. For me, a passerby. WOW!  I knew it was too good to be true.

A big infomercial
promoting the Islamic Religion.

The question here is: What is the message? I know the answer.

Islam is recruiting the infidels!

The book is a decoy, an expanded version of the pamphlet. 
Full of interesting facts such as this: 

Islam is the most populace religion on the planet. 

I did not know that!

The real message is in the pamphlet.

Man first, Woman second.
No Gays.

The Witch of Wall Street

Hetty Green, nicknamed "The Witch of Wall Street
Hetty Green. Nov. 21, 1834 - July 3, 1916

Have you ever heard of her. She was nicknamed "The Witch of Wall Street." 

If A Stranger Approaches You

written by Laura Kasischke
Her first collection of fifteen short stories.

The title of the book:

If A Stranger Approaches You

The Muslim Brotherhood

Since the life time of Prophet Muhammand in 632, Jihad has been primarily used in a military sense.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?