The Maimed

by Hermann Unbar
translated by Mike Mitchell

A bizarre story of a man,
named Franz Polzer.  

Polzer has problems with OCD. Obsessive, compulsive disorder. He is always counting things. Afraid he is being robbed. His life full of routines.

April Punjabi Month, are you kidding!

This takes the cake.  I've heard everything now.  Surrey North Member of Parliament, Jasbir Sandhu and the NDP are pushing to get designation of the month of April as Punjabi Heritage Month.

Remembering Big

My first Kindle purchase:

Rick Watson's first Book available on Kindle

Remembering Big

Ponderings & Reflections 

of a Sloss Holler Scholar

Black War - Bonnet

The MacHugh Memoirs
1795- 1798  
One of a series.
From the earliest known volume of the memoirs.

written by 
James L. McWilliams

Black War - Bonnet

Fag, the same as the "N" word.

This blog was originally posted in a gay and lesbian community.
But... I feel this pertains to everyone.

Your teen age son comes running home from school, crying.  He's 14 yrs. old.

A Message in a Bottle...

A Message in a Bottle is a form of communication, the same as mailing a letter, or calling a friend on the telephone.