Death by Car Accident

The aftermath, of VW Beetle rolling.

It was a Sunday.

I was young, my early teens.  This was the sixties.  An hour or so before dinner.  A roast beef dinner.  

Dad was cooking.

The phone rang.  
My Dad answered.  "Hello."

Death by Car Accident

Forty Years of the Lotteries

Oh poor me.
The thousands and thousands of dollars.
The money I've sunk into the lotteries.
Over all these years. 

You've probably done the same.

Forty Years of Lotteries

Dying Regrets

There was this Australian nurse. She worked in palliative care and recorded the most common regrets of the dying in the last twelve months of their lives.

This photo brought AIDS to the forefront, notice the raw emotion.

10 top Causes of Death in Canada

Don't let me scare you...

The leading causes of death in Canada are:

Here is a list 

of the top 10

Burial at Sea

What a great idea!
If I weren't so afraid of sharks I'd consider it!

Forgive me for being so morbid, lately.

Talking about Cremation, Caskets and Coffins
and growing old.

But in my research I came across 

Burial At Sea

Captain Ray Martyniuk

Just Listen - Mark Goulston


Just Listen

by Mark Goulston

Discover the secret to getting through to absolutely anyone...

Chinese Signage

Chinese Signage.  Obviously they don't want our business


British Columbia


Chinese Signage Petition.


Since my last blog...
The Casket Company

and we're on the same topic...  of dying.

The Casket Company

The Casket Company

You're getting old.
You start to think of silly things like this.

 The Casket Company

JONI - Katherine Monk

The creative odyssey of Joni Mitchell

by Katherine Monk


A Book Review

Living a long life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live to be one hundred and five years of age.

Living a Long Life

Ageing - Age Spots

Laser treatments to rid face of ageing spots.


Age Spots

Curling - A Sport? or A Game?

There are a few sports 
you don't need to be physically fit to play.

Sky-train - My Pet Peeves

What is the most annoying thing happening on the Sky-Train today.

Loneliness in Old Age

Sadie playing Bingo, Thurs, Fri, Sat. and Sunday.

Why do old people seem lonely? 

Are they?

Little Old Ladies - I'm so naive.

Mrs. Van der Lynden on her 104th birthday. (actor in photo)

Little old ladies are supposed to be just that...

Little Old Ladies

Nasty first signs of ageing!

When was the first time you realized you were getting old?  Where were you?  What were you doing? At a funeral?  One your best friends?  Your parents?