Performance Poetry Slam

Take the Mic

The Art of Performance Poetry, Slam, and the Spoken Word

Marc Kelly Smith  

A book review.

Martin Tremblay, a real Bully

Martin Tremblay, 

48 a real Bully 

sentenced today.

Guy - Chairs

The Man Chair

The future of advertising. 

Shopping for a vehicle.

Guy - Chairs

Lawn Bowling "Not for Sissies"

Do you want to increase that trophy collection sitting up there on your mantel.  Collecting dust.  Looking neglected.


Lawn Bowling 

aka "Bowling on the Green" or "Bocce"

Big Bushy Eyebrows

Another example 

of mean ole father time.  

As you age, your eye brows, nose hairs, ear hairs grow out of control.

Have you ever wondered why?

Amazing Ageing Machine

Have you ever wondered what you'd look like at 80 or 90 years of age?

Now you can.  

Amazing Ageing Machine.  

The Toronto Science Centre

Dying at Home

Home Care

Deciding What to do with Your

Ageing Parents

What you'll need

The Cars of Pullman Book Review

A Hotel on Wheels, with Sleeper Cars, Parlour Cars, and Eating Cars. 

The Cars of Pullman

Three people collaborated to make this book.  Joe Welsh, Bill Howes, & Kevin J. Holland

Book Cover Design

I've been mulling over my book cover for weeks now.
I've looked at thousands of other book covers and saw some I liked and some I didn't like.  Some big sellers with ugly covers and some with nice covers that didn't sell too well.

Book Cover Designs

The Death of the Penny

Google Doodle
The Canadian Penny Dies

The Canadian Mint is Putting the Penny Out to Pasture to Die

Ageing - Grandma has to go

Care Facilities - Old Age Homes

You've had enough of Grandma living alone in your basement suite.  She needs someone to take care of her, you don't have the time, and it costs too much for in-home care.

Ageing - The Law

Two old people.  Still sexually active.
(Well, he is.  She not so much)

Aren't there laws?

What defines an old person?

Isn't there such a thing as a young man in an old persons body? I've heard of it. 

Becky Fischer - Enemy #1

Becky Fischer

Becky Fischer - Enemy #1  

A Pentecostal Children's Pastor.

Best known for role in the 2006 documentary "Jesus Camp."

Pot the Fountain of Youth

Is It True?  What a Headline.

Pot Proven to slow the ageing process

Canadian Anthem To Be Sung in Hindi

"O Canada we stand on guard for thee."

Immigrants Want to Sing

 Canadian National 

Anthem in Hindi...

This came in my mail box today...We are losing our identity!

The Middlesteins

The Middlesteins

A Novel

Jami Attenberg    A book review.

The Middlesteins a dysfunctional Jewish family living in Chicago. Three generations:  

Ageing - Dementia


An old man says to the doctor:
"Doctor, I lost my memory!"
Doctor: "When did this start?"
The old man: "When did what start?"

Help! for Writers

Help for Writers!

by Roy Peter Clark

A Book Review of Sorts

Man w/gun Acquitted

We need new Judges:

Judges that can tell right from wrong.

Ian Clifford Langthorne > Cops