Catholics Come Home

Catholics Come Home

Gays Keep Away 

Or Change 

Or Stop Being Who You Are

Casino Playing Dirty

Photo Surrey Now

Gateway Casino's Playing Dirty

City of Surrey's council meeting on Dec. 10 infiltrated by bus loads of pro casino lobbyists.

Made in China

The Garrison Oil-Filled Heater


sold at a Canadian Tire Store near you.


You're In Canada Now

You're In Canada Now

Susan Musgrave

This book makes you proud to be called a Canadian...

Blossom Time

Blossom Time - Royal Albert

 Blossom Time

Royal Albert - Bone China


My Collection

While Europe Slept

While Europe Slept

How Radical Islam is 

Destroying the West from Within

Author: Bruce Bawer


December 12, 2012

To some, as bad as December 21, 2021
as far as numbers go...

Nazi Uniforms - Hugo Boss

What !!!

Hugo Boss, made uniforms for Hitler's Army and he was a Nazi !!! Hitler launched his career after he went bankrupt, and was left with only 8 sewing machines...  

Police - Xmas Cards

Christmas Card being sent out by the Police

Christmas Cards Sent to Possible Future Felons in Abbotsford 

From Police Chief Constable 

Bob Rich

The Importance of being a Bachelor

The Importance of 

Being a Bachelor

Author: Mike Gayle

A Book Review

Three grown men living in Manchester...

Death of the Port Mann

Death of the 

Port Mann

Landfill site on the south side of the Fraser River and west of Highway #1 should be turned into a memorial park, in the name of the old bridge soon to be torn down. Preferably a dog park.  

The Quality of Light

The Quality of Light

Author:  Richard Collins

Book Review

Isabel, Michael and Daniel meet, on the wrong side of the tracks.



Book Review


Michel Houellebecq

To tell you the truth, 

I lost interest...

RBG's Revisited

Rubber Band Guns Revisited

I thought I would investigate a little further.  I felt there was something a little more going on here than meets the eye.