Toxic Love - Give Your Partner Space As Needed - Or They'll Leave You

The giver of toxic love asks her partner putting on his coat, "Where are you going?"
His partner, the receiver of her toxic love says, "Out!" 
"Can I come with you?" she asks almost begging. 
"No, not tonight." 
"Why not?"
"Because, I need time alone."
"When will you be back?" 
"Will I see you tonight, tomorrow, when?"
"I love you," the giver says to him as she blows him a kiss between tears. A hurt pout look on her face.
"I love you too," the receiver replied back, unfazed as he slammed out the door and is never to be seen or heard from again.

Umm... Chances are you've been in love at least once in your life but was it true love or toxic love. Let me explain because there's a fine line between lust and love. Lust being what it is and that's toxic; sex and the need for companionship. 

Lust and Love, they feel alike but are two very different distinct emotions. You could be at either end of the spectrum, the giver of Toxic Love or the receiver of Toxic Love, both harmful situations.

Do you ever feel crowded, that you need space, room to breathe or just want to be left alone, not all the time, just sometimes but can't get the solitude you wish because of an over powering partner? You are the receiver of Toxic Love, the runner. If your partner keeps it up you'll be the one to break up the relationship.

Do you ever feel your partner is avoiding you? You try to please him or her, over and over again, doing this, doing that, but they seem less and less interested in you as time goes by, well, then you are the giver. The person you are so desperately holding onto will eventually disappear out of your life because of your actions.  

Instead of giving your partner the space he craves, something so simple, in the first place, you tried to bring them closer in, smothering them. That's called Toxic Love. 

So, don't smother your partner. Give them space when they need it or they'll leave you, eh? 

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