The One Minute Commute - If It Gets Any Shorter I'll Be Dead

My commuting days are over. I'm retired. Thank heavens.

I can hear the logging trucks out on the highway now, coming around the bend. A lonely haunting kind-of sound off in the distance, until you hear the shifting down of their gears as they head out over to the mills on the other side of the Island, trying to beat the early morning commuters, pressing down on their air brakes, blowing their horns making all kinds of noises, reminding the few people already on their commute, to get out of the way. 

The sun hasn't yet risen. It's still dark outside. It's about four a.m. and the commute into Victoria has just begun, like it does on every week day. Everyone's waking up and getting prepared for their daily commute. 

I'm thankful I'm not one of them.

It's about 60 kilometers from Sooke to downtown Victoria. Over an hours drive on a two lane curvy if not treacherous highway. Over to the airport add an hour. Going to the ferry to get over to the mainland, add another half hour. The wait for the ferry to dock, unload and load again, add another half hour. Then the sail over, add another hour and a half. Add another hour driving from the ferry to get into Vancouver. This time on a four lane crowded highway going 90k. One accident along the way or a broken propeller or rough seas and your commute could last longer than you might work that day. 

Forget about all the construction taking place. BC is booming. Just add another fifteen minutes. A perfect time for women to apply their makeup, the mirror is right there anyway. Or, do some last minute texting. Or, eat that sausage and egg McMuffin and drink that scalding hot coffee. People do it all the time. Laws are made to be broken, anyway, it's the chance that must be made. After all, time matters.  

Now, when I wake and after a good long pee, to get to be where I have to be, from my bed to the coffee-maker it takes a good one minute commute and that's the way I like it. If it gets any shorter I'll be dead, eh?

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