The Laughing Death - Kuru - It Happens When You Eat Human Flesh - The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Effect

When the Earth was smaller, there was once an isolated, untouched ancient tribe of people up in the highlands of Papua, New Guinea, called the Fore.
They practiced cannibalism and ate their dead. Their philosophy; 

"Better in the stomach of a loved one than in the stomach of a grub."

It was believed better still; to be eaten by the woman or man you loved because it was thought the mate could tame the departed's soul. Brains were scooped out of skulls to be stewed and eye balls given to children as treats and as the centuries passed, people were getting sicker and sicker. Really sick! And died!

Centeries ago, the tribe started to come down with what is called Kuru, an incurable neurodegenerative disorder, a disease of the nervous system. Doctors just recently discovered came from eating human flesh. It is not a virus nor any known bacteria strain but a process that twists the brain's proteins and tricks them into damaging the cerebellum, which causes people to lose control of their body (tremors) and their emotions, with sudden outbursts of uncontrollable laughter, turning them basically into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde until they died, giving Kuru the nickname, 'The Laughing Death'.

The epidemic lasted for centuries. Fore stopped eating humans fifty years ago. The last known Fore to die of Kuru was in 2009. That doesn't mean it is eradicated. The disease can lie dormant inside your brain for years without showing it's ugly face, then one day your personality changes. You start laughing for no reason at all, you get the shakes, followed by death. 

Kuru is just as baffling as Mad Cow Disease, which slowly destroys the brain and spinal column in cows and so happens, is also spread by eating infected meat. (mfg. cow feed contains meat by products) Cows eating cows. 

Some of my Canadian cannibal friends, once vegans say that we taste like chicken. I'm sure if we're cooked well enough, we're safe to eat. Just increase the cooking time and turn up the heat. 

I'll have to look up the recipe in one of my old cook books, "How to Feed a Hungry Man" eh?

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