Signs Warning Girls Not To Hitchhike Along the 'Highway of Tears' Route #16, Saskatchewan

There are signs erected by First Nations Communities, on Route #16, in Saskatchewan, part of the Trans Canada Highway, warning girls not to hitchhike. The 720-kilometre long highway is dubbed, 'The Highway of Tears' because of all the murders and disappearances (of 16 known women- but more likely up into the 40+) some never recovered and most teenagers of aboriginal descent) that started happening in 1969 and still continue to this day. 

Bobby Jack Fowler was suspected of killing some, possibly up to 20. Not a nice person. His DNA was discovered during investigations of the crime scenes but he died in prison and the murders did not stop after his death in 2006. 

To date, only one of these murders have been solved. The serial killer Cody Legebokoff was convicted in 2014 of one of the murders. 

With all respect the remaining unsolved murders, well they're still unsolved and probably will stay that way, eh?

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