Magick- Preparing Yourself To Cast A Spell

Get Grounded - Act as a lightening rod...

Connect yourself to the Earth. Place your feet firmly on the ground because there will be a high volumes of good magic and energy flowing around the surface and through-out your body. You must remain calm, stay focused and be determined. This will prevent you from getting carried away and keep you grounded in case you have to come back to reality for whatever reason. An example would be an interruption (someone walking in the room) as the spell is being carried out. 

Magic tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, many in different formats, styles and traditions and for specific purposes. Here's how to prepare yourself to cast a spell properly.

Make Sure You Have The Right Spell

All jobs need the correct tool. The correct spell, unlocks the power within you and releases it towards your intended goal. Find the correct one. There are many to chose from, so make your selection wisely. A good source would be ALL MAGIC SPELLS. The wrong tool, for the wrong job and nothing will happen. 

You Need A Circle

To invite the four corners of the Earth and the power of the five elements; the earth, the air, water and fire plus the spirit or any other deities you wish to speak to, you will need a circle. Use chalk, stones anything as long as it surrounds you. You will need this protective energy circle to keep your spell contained and directed at the intended outcome. 

Focus on the Intended Outcome

You must focus your will on the outcome and be clear minded and mentally committed to the end. All your efforts and energy must be put into achieving that goal. The more you believe the better the desired outcome will be. The results will prove how much you have put into the spell. It's all proportionate. Commitment, determination, efforts and energy equals results and success.

After finishing the spell, it's not over. Until the desired outcome has arrived you have to keep that magic going, visualizing the outcome until fruition. 

Eventually, everything should work out in your favour but only as long as you've prepared yourself and have cast the spell properly, eh?

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