Magick - PK Parties - Demonstrating the 'Houck Technique'

There's probably a PK party going on right now, somewhere in the world and you're invited...
They've been around for many years and growing in popularity. There's no alcohol or dancing. Bring a pen and notepad instead, maybe something to nibble on and lots of spoons and forks. 

PK Parties were invented by Jack Houck, an expert on Psychokinesis. PK stands for Psychokinesis, it's the manipulation of solid objects without using any physical force except your mental ability. 


The 'Houck Technique' Spoon Bending 101 was invented by Jack himself, which is taught at these parties and seriously has an 85% success rate. People leave these parties, elated after bending spoons and forks, or becoming a true believer to the phenomenon of psychokinesis, after witnessing such an event.

You might think they'd be pretty boring to attend. A bunch of people united with a common interest, to learn all they can about psychokinesis, sitting around staring at objects for hours, teetering off the edge of tables, holding up spoons and forks bent at the neck, tipping tables and playing with Ouija Boards, that sort of thing, but that's not the case. 

Seeing the look of surprise on people's faces. The eagerness to learn. The energy in the room. It's everywhere.

You'll have to attend one when one hits your city. PK Parties promise an unforgettable experience. Bend a spoon or fork. Live a little. 

Or, you could forget the PK Party and just take the course from where you're sitting and be prepared to be amazed, eh? 

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