Magick - If You Want Sex - Wear Red

How important is the colour red when dealing with your emotions and sex. The opposite of red is white. White stands for...
virginity, purity, honesty and in some cultures kindness and loyalty. Strange since white is not a colour. White is a shape-shifter, able to become any colour. It has some meaning as a good omen to a new beginning. To favour white one is conservative and shy, the type that wouldn't kiss you in public and would always undress under the covers or wear his socks to bed? 

According to ALL MAGIC SPELLS, red on the other hand is white's opposite. It represents passion and heat. anger and violence. Mars is red. In ancient cultures red meant war. Today, red represents danger. To stop. To be alert. The colour runs through our body in blood reminding us of life and vitality, lovemaking and the possibly that it might be very adventurous.

So, if you want sex make sure you wear red when you're going out. Wear white and you'll be sleeping alone tonight, eh?

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