How To Keep Kids Entertained While Camping - Tell Them A Ghost Story

Uncontrollable kids? They won't settle down? Tell them a ghost story:

"Kids! Come, come. Let's all gather around 
the campfire. I want to tell you all a ghost story." 

This happened about a year ago. A friend and I were up Island doing a little camping and fishing. We spent most of the day fishing, and of course drinking, beer. Later that evening, relaxing around the campfire, feeling a wee bit tipsy, I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I searched everywhere. In the truck, in the tent, my pockets, it was nowhere to be found. I asked my friend if I could use his phone to call myself. 

"We should hear it ring," I said. 
"I might have left it down by the river."

After three or four rings and not hearing the ring anywhere, someone eventually answered but there was just silence on the other end at first. At least a good ten seconds went by with me saying, 

"Hello, hello." 

There was nothing but silence then I heard it, a low raspy giggle, somewhat-like the demon in the movie, The Exorcist. Then whoever it was, hung up and the line went dead.

What the? I called back. No answer. I called back again, no answer. Again and again, still no answer.

Later that night. As I was crawling into my sleeping bag, there it was, eh? Under my makeshift pillow.  

I didn't sleep well at all that night, as you could imagine. I just couldn't shake the willies that I was feeling, wondering who had answered my phone. 

I did eventually drift off but was soon awakened by my phone ringing. I had laid it on the floor of the tent beside my cot. I reached down to pick it up then realized it was under my pillow again.  

Putting it up to my ear, forgetting momentarily about the lost phone earlier I could hear the giggling again. Just for a few seconds then click the person hung up.

I've still, to this day never figured it out. It remains a mystery.

After you've told the story you say to the kids that it's time for bed. 

"Time for bed kids."

Start feeling around in your pockets before you stand up like you've lost something. Ask out loud.

"Has anyone seen my cell phone?"

Then, watch their expressions. Guaranteed, they'll settle down.

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