Ghost Orbs and Flashes of Light - The New Image of a Ghost

Don't expect your dead grandmother to show up unexpectedly in one of your photos. Ghosts have become camera shy.

You'd be surprised at how many people want to see ghosts and get a picture of one. There are ghost hunters galore out there, with expensive equipment but do they capture the moment and actually take a picture of a ghost? No.

Almost everyone has a cell phone now-a-days, equipped and on the ready for sudden and unexpected shots. The technology today, using digital computing, putting double imaging a thing of the past, exposing old photos of ghosts as frauds. There are high definition video cameras turned on twenty-four hours a day on almost every street corner and over almost every commercial door in existence. There's no way to avoid them.

But, ghosts seem to know and have changed their appearance in accordance to the times.

Photo of Orbs I have actually taken when out on an evening walk.

Today, our cameras capture the phenomena of orbs and flashes of white light, the new image of a ghost. Still they are unexplained but not as threatening as catching an image of a ghost of a dead woman floating through the air wearing a long flowing dress or a man in chains and prison wear, clanging across the floor, using an old Polaroid. Maybe that wasn't your dead grandmother, or your dead uncle after at all, but an orb or a flash of white light.

Still it doesn't mean there is no such thing as ghosts, just that they're camera shy, that's all, eh?

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