Domovoi - They Live In Your Basement and Come Out While You're Sleeping To Pinch You

Just because they're smaller than a normal person and there's nothing feminine about them, you still wouldn't want one to jump up on the bed with you while you were sleeping and pinch you, basically telling you to get up and out of the house now, or you wouldn't want to bump into one, say, down in your dark dingy basement where they live. 

In Slavic folklore, they're ugly entities, beastly and hairy looking creatures. Sometimes there are whole families of Domovoi living down there, especially if its musty, damp, and dark.

Besides being naked, they're small in stature and have beards, little legs and long arms like an apes but they are no ape by any stretch of the imagination. Overtime, they start to resemble the owners facial feature of the house, that is if the owners last, except they have little horns protruding from their foreheads and they have tails. They also can take on the appearance of stray dogs and feral cats.

It is said; that every house has a Domovoi but not all are seen or heard. People do hear them more than they see them. They have deep low, gruffly unearthly sounding voices.  

They guard the house for the owners, and keep peace and even help around the house doing chores. People offer cookies and cream on the table at night just for them but if upset they act as a form of poltergeist and can be very harmful. Be careful where you put the garbage, vacuum the floor or leave your clothes, they are a stickler for tidiness and cleanliness. They hate dirty messy toothbrushes.

If you have a basement, listen. Sooner or later you'll hear one. If you wake up some night feeling someone pinch you, you'll know they don't want you around, eh?


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