Camp Crystal Lake - Is There Such A Place?

Camp Crystal Lake was the camp in the movie and it's many sequels, 'Friday the 13th' where teenagers engaging in promiscuous sex get killed off one by one. 

The movie places the camp somewhere in the fictional county of Pinehurst, in New Jersey. The camp has other names: Camp Forest Green and Camp Blood.

Of course, there is no such place as Camp Crystal Lake, the movie was filmed in Blairstown, New Jersey. According to the story Camp Crystal Lake is situated within 10 miles of Moravian Cemetery, which is actually a real cemetery.  

In the first movie, Annie who gets picked up while hitchhiking is told Crystal Lake is 20 miles away. He drops her off after driving about 10 miles at Hope Cemetery, which is actually Moravian Cemetery in real life, which would mean Crystal Lake is within a 10 miles radius of Moravian Cemetery.

Looking on google earth. There are many lakes in the area. Which one could be Camp Crystal Lake is a mystery, after all, it's just a story, eh? 

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