Are Levels of BPA - bisphenol A - In Plastic Bottles and Lining Tin Cans Safe?

There's been a lot of talk around town lately about the quality of drinking water from plastic water bottles...
and eating food from tin cans, babies drinking milk from plastic bottles and sippy cups. A quick look into my pantry and there's nothing but cans and plastic bottles.

There are myths that BPA or bisphenol A, negatively affects a persons health by interacting with the body's endocrine system, disrupting the hormone balance in your glands, but as far as WHO, the World Health Organization is concerned, it is not possible that BPA is a disruptor. BPA is similar and has the same properties as hormone estrogen but the amount of BPA found in our diets is way to low to cause us any concern nor cause any damage.

Myths have formulated around studies that have proved BPA causes cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and asthma and that high exposure to BPA during pregnancy isn't too good for both the mother and fetus. Apparently that is wrong and far from the truth.

They've found no harm can be done eating at the current levels of BPA, there are no health or safety concerns for anyone, man, woman or child, fetuses and pregnant women. Studies have found that the human body adapts to the low levels of BPA and starts eliminating it before birth.

Word has it that, BPA-free products are safer than products with BPA but there is no scientific basis for that assumption. Labeling something as BPA free deceives the public by falsely suggesting the manufacturer hasn't improved the product by removing BPA.

There's no need to be concerned, BPA is safe and exposure to it from all sources combined including food packaging, at the levels we use today are not a health risk. Scientists have determined you'd have to eat 1,300 lbs of packaged food and beverages that have been in contact with BPA everyday just to reach the polycarbonate plastic levels set by todays standards.

BPA- bisphenol A, has been one of the most studied chemicals that we use today and has been determined safe.  

I'm not going to take any chances though. I've found beer from a bottle tastes better than beer from a can. That's all that matters, eh?

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