$7 Million - Plus Room and Board and It Will Only Cost Me 22 Yrs of My Life - Is That Enough?

The David Milgaard Case - One of Canada's Most Onious of Miscarriages of Justice

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be sent to prison for a crime you did not commit as David Milgaard did? 

What would it have been like? Would he have sat there, day after day cursing his accusers? Plotting revenge for the 22 years lost. What would it be like, four cement walls staring you down day after day?  Afraid of what's on the other side of them. A knife a shank. A surprise just waiting for you in your next shower. The cold steel bars, the itchy blankets. The generic bland food.

It's hard to imagine David Milgaard, just a teenager at the time, 17 being charged with rape and murder for something DNA would prove his innocence. His story is one of Canada's most odious miscarriages of justice. Rushed right through, just for a conviction without relying on science.

$7 Million, that's what he was awarded as compensation back in 92, a lot of money back then. The Canadian Justice must have thought that was what a life was worth, $7 million + Room & Board = 22 years. 

Was $7 Million enough or not enough?  I've worked for 22 years, no, for 45 years, toiling and sweating, worried about my next meal. I've received far, far less for giving up my first 22 years and then giving up the next 23 years that followed. Not even one million dollars.

So, I'd say it was! He wouldn't have received that kind of money elsewhere.  

The thing that hurt the most was he lost his freedom for 22 years. Now, that's worth something and would be a big problem for me. Especially here in Canada. eh? She's a-so-a beautiful.

I would have demanded another $7 mill.

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