Weird- It's Not As Bad As It Sounds

I've never heard of a word so weird as the word 'Weird'.  It's a dark word. I hated being called Weird, but now I don't mind at all. 

Luckily, there's spellcheck because I've spelled the damn word wrong almost every time that I've written it, putting the i before e. Why? I don't know.

A sinister kind of word Weird, it suggests being supernatural, unearthly, other-worldly, a ghost. It could mean something was very strange, unusual, unexpected, to the point of being unnatural and that a person is not nice, quirky, or odd and strange in some negative way. 

Weird could be the description of a situation, that all is not quite right, something seems different but you can't put your thumb on it, implying that you're memory isn't what it use to be. You're confused, you don't understand. Or that you could be into some kind of mischief, a scammer a crook and not to be trusted.

"Your weird!"

Weird has two meanings. It could also mean something is wonderful but not used as often, only when describing something like; Michael Jackson moon-walking across the floor.

"Wow that's weird."

Throw out all your mis-preconceived ideas of what the word weird brings to mind. If someone calls you weird, take it as a compliment. Being a little bit mysterious (weird) is a good thing don't you think? 

The weird, crazy Canuck. Call me Weird Dog Brindle. Weird Al Yankovik doesn't seem to mind why should I? 

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