Under Hypnosis The 'Sleeping' Edgar Cayce Discovered Atlantis - To The Surprise of the 'Awake' Edgar Cayce

Today scientists would scoff at Edgar Cayce's unconventional approach to ways of knowing things. He left school in the seventh grade having to work the family farm, basically an illiterate. He was deeply religious and had big dreams to become a preacher but having a throat ailment he could hardly speak, only communicating in a light whisper. Under hypnosis he spoke out loud and diagnosed his own problem and found a remedy. It worked. Since that time, Edgar Cayce was known as two separate persons, the 'Sleeping' Edgar Cayce and the 'Awake' Edgar Cayce.

In his Sleeping state, Edgar Cayce realized the existence of reincarnation through what was then called 'Life Readings.' Under hypnosis he would allude to an entity in a previous life in a place he called Atlantis. 

Luckily, for him an institute was founded to support his work. He studied 650 different people of all types for over 21 years. One thing linked all the people together, under hypnosis a vivid picture of a place called Atlantis emerged, much the same as the place in his own Sleeping state. This place called Atlantis was exactly where Plato said it was, smack-dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the size of a continent, taking up space between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea. 

People lived on this continent over 10,000 years ago. Supposedly, they were a highly advanced civilization equal to what it is now in the twentieth century. They had electricity and airplanes, everything we have.

Edgar Cayce cryptically spoke of a substance on Atlantis that he called 'firestone' used to create an unknown type of energy, used to propel aircraft, heat buildings, fuel cars etc. Memories from years of hypnosis before nuclear energy had been discovered.

In Edgar Cayce's accounts, the people of Atlantis originally appeared as spirits but over time gradually evolved into humans. The more fleshy they became the closer they came to their demise.

Cayce made a prediction in the late 60's, which surprisingly came true. Under hypnosis he foretold a story of Atlantis reappearing near the Caribbean Island of Bimini and wouldn't you know it, in 1968 a long 2000 foot paved roadway was discovered under the water off the shore of Bimini, made from large square blocks of stone, carbon dated to be laid 12,000 years ago.

Of course, scientists came up with their own conclusions; a natural formation, that there are other roadways under the ocean throughout the world, blaming it all on continental drift. But, that happened 65 million years ago, not 12,000 years.

There are some scientists who fully agree, Plato had it right the first time.


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