The Nerve Agent Novichok - You Drown In Your Own Body Liquids

On March 4 of this month two people, a double agent for Britain and Russia, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal, were attacked in Salisbury, England by poisoning. The poison used was the potent military grade nerve agent called Novichok from a family of nerve agents made under a chemical weapons ban, by the Soviets during the Cold War. We know little about it. 

When paramedics arrived they found both still alive sitting on a public bench. Yulia had lost control of her bodily functions, was unconscious and convulsing. Sergei was stiff and rigid. They both are unconscious but still alive in the hospital, both are in serious critical condition. The officer that responded first also was taken to hospital. He's in bad shape but stable.

It is said to be a horrible way to die. Once inside your body, within fifteen minutes you suddenly start drooling, your nose starts running, you can't hold your bladder and bowels, your lungs fill with liquid, tears roll down your cheeks and you sweat like a pig and your heart slows down.  You actually asphyxiate and chock to death on your own body liquids.  

Treating a poisoning of this kind is virtually impossible. We know nothing about Novichok, and Russia isn't telling. Scientists and doctors both agree, that they must have been given too small of a dose, or it wasn't administered properly due to the fact they're both still alive.

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